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2slick is a pretty cool helpful and insightful blog that gives interesting tips ranging from selling your dog online to templetes for you website if you own a nightclub.

If you would like to see your website or company featured onĀ Free Shirt Friday click here.

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  1. Total Bro.

    HAHAHA the first thing that I saw when I went to that site was “How to sell Marijuana Online”

    I already like that blog.

  2. Ron Swanson

    Yeah that is a pretty fun blog I think I might have to start going to that one on a weekly basis.. probably wont. But who knows?

  3. Kj rocker

    LOL here is what i can see on this amazing blog “Part of a successful online niche business is starting before your competition. Marijuana is still illegal to sell online, but you can still work towards your online Marijuana business without breaking the law. Eventually, Marijuana will be legal to sell online, and when it is, you will have a significant advantage over your competitors, if you follow this guide. This will be a great new niche to get into. So at this post I will be talking about how to sell marijuana in general and what tools you will need.”

    HA HA HA love it

  4. Angelo

    You could have at least ironed it first.

    J/k, Thanks Jeremy… you’re one of my favorite entrepreneurs, and I feel honored.

    BTW, that’s not my most controversial/legal post.

  5. Mikel

    Like how if you want their free information you have to submit your email address.. really smart they could use your PAR Program

  6. Chad

    They send you some pretty lame shirts sometimes. Like honestly… I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing that.

  7. Angelo

    I originally created the blog section of to answer questions my website customers would ask me, so the subject range is broad unfortunately.
    I haven’t read that broad blog subject matter is bad SEO wise, just that I won’t have many return visitors or blog subscribers. Then again, my website customers visit my blog on a steady basis.
    I generate more targeted visitor/potential customers with this blog than I can afford to do using AdWords. The advertising revenue is just a nice addition.

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