iAcquire Thinks They Are Way More Important Than They Really Are

So whether you were at MozCon or not, you probably heard that Michael King timed the big news perfectly that iAcquire has been blessed by Google and is now back in the index.  Ho hum.  Sure, they got banned by Google for buying links for clients, but so did a lot of other people.  And sure, it was noteworthy they were back in and it probably warrants an addition to some of those original news stories and blog posts that they got back in, and there were some people tweeting about it.

But apparently Michael King didn’t feel enough SEOs were paying enough attention to him and blogging about their reinclusion (talk about poor reputation management much?).  Well news flash, the main reason is because it’s not really news.  But Michael and iAcquire obviously thought it was.  So what’s a now-Google-blessed company to do when no one cares that they paid their dues for getting caught with their hand in the cookie jar?

Well, if you are going by the handle @ipullrank and with the very immature name MyCool King (seriously, that is the name he uses on Twitter, representing a company and speaking for them, when it really belongs on MySpace with glitter pony graphics), the obvious answer is start bitching that no one is covering the amazing news story that they cleaned their shit up and are back in the index.  Seriously.

Cry me a river much?  Well I hate to break it to you, but getting into the index isn’t news, especially when you aren’t detailing HOW you got back in (like all those “How I got back into Google after Panda/Penguin”).  And when whining without tagging people didn’t work, he started complaining to @DannySullivan instead.

I don’t know about you, but my opinion of iAcquire and Michael King has dropped significantly with this latest temper tantrum.

Skitzzo also jumped in with the primary reason a lot of people were looking at this as “Hey, Iacquire wants you to write this great story about how we are awesome at SEO again!”

Which is true, when you look at their blog post titled “Thanks Google – Glad to Be Home“.  Talk about spin doctors!  Be sure to read the circular comments made by Joe Griffin as well.

Then Michael King decides to jump on Aaron Wall of SEOBook.com who called out that the fact Iacquire cleaned up and got back in the index as being a non-story.  I get that people have Michael’s back, judging from the mob mentality of SEO I wrote about earlier with certain members of the SEO community defending him vigorously (most of which were pretty silent about promoing his reinclusion into the index), but seriously, how does he think that attacking a well known industy celebrity will make things BETTER?

Can anyone else just picture him stomping his feet and saying “But Moooommmmm, it’s not fair, how come I don’t get a story written up about my site getting back into Google the way J.C. Penney did?” Well for starters, Iacquire is no where near the same brand power as J.C. Penney, even in their dreams.  Then he has the nerve to call out industry people for not writing about it the instant he made his big announcement as SeoMoz – not to mention the fact he was hanging out with Moz’ers and going to the movies, yet he expected others to drop what they were doing on a Friday night to blog about it.  And the funny thing is that iAcquire had been back in the index for 2 days, but he chose to make a big deal out of it getting back in at MozCon instead, for the biggest bang – on a Friday afternoon (and evening for East coasters).

Danny did do his article about it, and you can’t help but wonder if he amped up the degree of snarkiness a bit because of Michael’s self deserving attitude (although I probably would have written it with a little more SEOBitch to it, or the ever eloquent says-it-like-it-is @Skitzzo.  In other words, don’t piss off the people you want to say nice things about you, because you catch more flies with honey.  Although Danny does say he will do another post about Joe Griffin’s comments that they are still cleaning up some items (but please, someone find out what they are really trying to hide, no I mean clean up).

After this latest spectacle, I am kind of hoping that iAcquire gets busted for something else.  But I assume that because Aaron Wall was one of his rant targets, that people are going to start going over things with a finetooth comb to call out Iacquire on more dirty SEO practices.  And I can’t imagine they will get away with a mere 2 month penalty next time around.