Affiliate Summit East Shirt Charity Auction (for a very special cause)

I am auctioning myself to wear your company’s shirt for 3 days during the Affiliate Summit East conference this August 12-14th 2012 in New York City!

This is a VERY special year. Instead of giving to an organization we are going to help out a local Lincoln, Nebraska family.

Carter Steven Hertzel was born April 12, 2011. He weighed 8lbs 5oz at birth and seemed to be a happy healthy baby. He got up to 10lbs then rapidly started losing weight. He is now 75% of where he should be and he has been diagnosed with Nephrogenic Diabetes Insipidus, but that turned out not to be correct.

The family is taking him to the Mayo clinic but all the time off of work and travel is racking up the bills.

So this year we are raising money for the Carter Hertzel foundation.

The winning bidder can pay us by credit card, check, or wire transfer.

This is a HUGE opportunity to get your company out to a very targeted audience.  I normally take between 50 and 100 pictures with people and this year we will be doing video again interviewing people in the expo hall.

Go here to see the auction now


Here is the history of my T-Shirt Auction for Charity and details:

At Affiliate Summit West 2009 I agreed to wear your company’s logo EXCLUSIVELY at Affiliate Summit west and the auction ended up going for $10,000!!!!

The winning bidders Trainsignal, makers of computer training software, were in attendance. We gave the money on behalf of the Affiliate Marketers Give Back foundation to the National Breast Cancer Society.

Then, at Affiliate Summit East 2009, I did the same auction again for the Lincoln City People’s Mission Homeless Shelter and it ended at $11,000.00. The winning bidder was the giant coupon site

Once more, a year ago at Affiliate Summit West 2010, I held an auction that raised $10,100 for the People’s City Mission again, the high bid coming from ClickBooth.

In 2011 Banner Ad Rockstar won the Auction for $5,000.00.

In 2012, at Affiliate Summit West, HostZilla won the auction for $5,720.00.


It’s really been awesome raising over $30,000 at Affiliate Summit events by wearing a company’s t-shirt.

But this year it’s for a really really important cause (see below).

This is a great chance to get your brand out there in front of MILLIONS of internet marketers and also support a GREAT CAUSE!

You will receive a TON of exposure and A LOT MORE than just a handsome model wearing your logo!

Video Exposure:

  • At Affiliate Summit this year we have gone through all the background checks, union agreements, and other hoops to be one of very few people allowed to take video inside of Affiliate Summit West. I already have about 15 companies booked to interview about their services and we will also be doing some general video.
  • I am asked about 10-20 times to be video interviewed (nobody is supposed to shoot video without authorization, people will do it outside of conference areas) and your shirt will be shown.
  • I have over 10,000 YouTube subscribers and am by far the most subscribed to person in this niche. All of the subscribers get alerted each time I upload a video. Each of my videos also has a chance of being syndicated by Techcrunch, Mashable, or another large HUGE website and giving your company more exposure.
  • I will also put the video on our CDN which will be ShoeMoney branded and get more exposure on the blog here.

Photo Exposure:

My photo gallery is the most visited section of other than the root domain. Check these stats out from the last year:

(Click to enlarge)

You are not reading that wrong… over 2 million page views and almost 1.7 MILLION UNIQUE page views. That’s quite an amazing reach!

But beside the TONS of photos I will have in my own gallery, there will be loads of them on flickr and Facebook that people will tag and they’ll be seen by many.

So put your logo in front of TONS of people NOW!

Click here to bid!