How Fight Club Changed My Life (And How You Can Change Yours Too)

When I was a junior in college, I was one of the laziest bastards ever…

I really had no ambitions in life.  My days consisted of eating like shit, going to class, watching 5 hours of T.V. and then usually going out and getting drunk at night.  I would wake up the next morning all groggy-headed and usually repeat the same thing over and over…

I was content with my life, so I didn’t really care.

Then I read Fight Club and everything changed for me.

I was browsing some forums online, and came across a discussion of Fight Club.  The main idea of the book immediately caught my interest, so I darted to the book store and picked myself up a copy. Up until this point, I had read probably 7 books in my entire life – all of them for school, and none of them interested me at all.

I dove into the book, and finished the whole thing in a few hours.  After the first read-through, I sat there… pretty much stunned at what I had just read.

I realized everything I was doing in my life, and everything I wanted in my life was just like “Jack’s” character in Fight Club.

  • I was materialistic.
  • I was living a very mediocre life with no real ambitions
  • I was looking for everything outside of myself to make me happy
  • I never really felt “alive”
Since reading Fight Club back in college, I’ve made a bunch of big changes in my life and I can attribute most of them to that book finally “waking me up”…
Fight Club forced me to look at myself and make an honest assessment of what my life consisted of.   My favorite quote from Fight Club has pretty much been my motto for the past few years – In fact, it’s helped me so much, I’m even getting a tattoo of it later this week…


Here it is…


“This is your life and it’s ending one minute at a time”


Fight Club motivated me to be a better person.  It motivated me to get off my ass and start my own online business.  It motivated me to stop being lazy and get serious about working out and eating better.   It helped me figure out what I want in life and also how to make sure that other people don’t distract me or try and pull me away from what I want.


But most of all, it made me realize that your life really is ending one minute at a time.


Each day we have is truly a gift.   And I don’t have any interest in living my life the way someone else thinks I should.


– Justin