Toren Ajk & Michael Sprouse on Today’s ShoeMoney.TV Show

by Jeremy Schoemaker on May 15, 2012 · 10 comments

Former Playboy and Epic executive Michael Sprouse is in the house to co-host todays show. Today my guest will be mobile advertising expert Toren Ajk.

Should be a good one don’t miss it! 1pm CST on

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1 David

Hi Jeremy, I hope I remember to tune in at 1:00 CST. I’m in a different time zone and that is in the evening for me.

But I hope to make it. Do you have a regular show? Is it every Tuesday?

2 Jeremy Schoemaker

It is on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month — be sure to tune in!

3 Chris

Are any of the big affiliate marketers making a decent return from mobile advertising? By that i include you lol

4 Jeremy

Mobile is new to me. That is why I wanted to get toren on.

5 Clifton Ali

Hey jeremy! are you gaining weight again? Just updated mobile tweet updates for Shoemoney tv updates. Its a great effort from you. I am enjoying and already have started to watching previous ones!!

6 Jeremy

hmmm someone maintaining weight for about 3 years now. Probably should put on some.

7 Matt

Here is the replay for anybody that missed it.

8 faisal

I hope you give a download format because Youtube is too slow and you cant stop and rewind with the new Youtube, it starts to buffer all over again.

9 Jeremy


10 cepi

guidance please can I succeed like you …

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