Elite Retreat 9 Recap

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Another Elite retreat in the books!  Another amazing year.

This year we decided to move the event back to the Clift hotel in San Francisco where we went a few years back.

Monday morning could have started off a little better. Flight time was at 6 in Omaha so that means my Intern had to pick me up at my house in Lincoln at 4 in the morning.. way too early to say the least.

Our connecting flight from Salt Lake City to San Francisco was delayed several times for a total of four or so hours due to the heavy fog in the Bay Area that morning. We did manage to get into San Francisco at a decent time around 2:30 Cali time. From there my staff had meetings with the hotel staff while I, the talent, rested up for the long week ahead.

Tuesday was another pretty chill day for me.. after all I do need my beauty rest. The highlight of the day definitely was going out to eat at Water Bar. I friggin love that place. Introduced my Latvian buddy Andris to crab for the first time, as well as some of my staff members to oysters.

At night we officially kicked off the event with a cocktail reception and horderves. Unfortunately not all the attendees flights had arrived yet so the numbers were a little slim. But hey, that didn’t hold us back any.

Wednesday morning.. when it really gets going.

The attendees rolled in one by one and grabbed their t-shirts and backpacks filled full of other cool stuff, which I will get to in a sec, and then settled down for an awesome breakfast sponsored by Boost CTR.

But back to the gifts we gave out. This year I wanted to give out gifts that I felt people would actually use a lot when they travel. We started off strong by giving out Swiss Army backpacks that Chitika was generous enough to sponsor for us.

In the bag was another tote bag given to us by Retargeter,  a Steve Jobs book, a portable charger, and a Power Squid that Affiliate.com sponsored for us.

After everyone was done eating my staff rounded everyone up to get situated in the conference room to listen to our awesome line up of speakers we had that day which included Jason Nazar, David Greenbaum, and Toren Ajk.

And as always open bar started at noon.

At night we meet in the Clift lobby and walked over to Fleur De Lys for an amazing five course meal which included Kobe beef and Swordfish. We were also treated to six different wines throughout the dinner as well as the horderves at the start of the night.

When dinner was over we had a table reserved at The Redwood Room in the Clift for anyone who wanted to continue the night. Some of the more brave individuals joined Gene for a night on the town.

Now on to Thursday, last day of speakers which included another All-Star cast of Tim Mayer, Issac Saldana, Dave Snyder, and my man Vik Duggal who stepped up to speak in place of Jeremy Hermanns who was too ill to make it.

And again.. open bar started at noon.

After all the speakers had given their presentations they had to bring in the closer, me, to finish them all off and send them up to their rooms to get rested up for the night ahead at Ruby Skye.

Ruby Skye was a pretty sweet setup. We had dinner served to us on our own private room afterwards, however, world renowned Dj Markus Shulz performed in the room next door.

As also when you’re with ShoeMoney we were rollin like big shots with two of our own V.I.P. booths with bottle service throughout the duration of the night.
After Ruby Skye well just say the Intern had the night of his life with some of the attendees around San Francisco and just leave it at that..

Friday, the final day.

How everyone managed to get up in time to go to StumbleUpon is still a shocker to me. Nonetheless they all did it and we had a great time exploring the studio and picking at their brains for a little.

Once the StumbleUpon tour was over at 2:30 it marked the end of Elite Retreat 9 and left me time to unwind in my room thinking about how we are going to to it even bigger next year for the big number 10!!!

8 thoughts on “Elite Retreat 9 Recap

  1. Tegs

    Sound like a great party but I’d love to hear more about the content of the retreat.

    Is the Elite Retreat for internet marketers who are already ballin? Or would a small time affiliate marketer who is having trouble getting over the 1k a month hurdle benefit?

    I hustle EVERY DAY, the harder I work, the luckier I get.

    1. Jeremy Schoemaker Post author

      Elite Retreat is an unique opportunity where a motivated entrepreneur could flip the cost into a significant profit. It’s specifically designed to help take businesses that want to go to the next level succeed.

  2. Giancarlo Maniaci

    Sounds like it was another successful event, and that Gene “The Machine” Mikhov was in full effect. Hopefully we will make the next one. Also, for those who discussed mobile, thanks for talking about TapIt! :)

    Cheers – Giancarlo Maniaci

  3. Rich

    Aah how the other half live!

    Sounded like a blast…

    Maybe one day when I grow up to be an internet marketer I could do stuff like this

  4. david

    Jeremy – this looks like a very cool event with lots of opportunity to learn and network!

    I guess the next one will be one year away?

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