Your income per user (and how FaceBook is kicking your ass)


Over 6 years ago I wrote a post about measuring your websites income per user.

I was breaking down one of my sites where I was averaging 8 cents per unique user that visited.

Jason Duke shared a image on FaceBook today from FaceBooks public docs on their upcoming IPO.

Now this isn’t per hit to their website but… their income per uniq user is pretty incredible.

Especially when you think about all the fake accounts on FaceBook.

10 thoughts on “Your income per user (and how FaceBook is kicking your ass)

  1. Jan

    Hi Jeremy,

    first of all, your link zu the old artikel ist broken 😉

    If facebook ist talking about the Rev. per User i think they are talking about the lifetime-Rev., or am i wrong?
    with most of thier users visiting facebook every day it makes your calculation a bit different. lets say the average FB-User has about 1000 Visits (like 3years every day). thats makes an average of 0.4cents per visits.

    even if it is not the lifetime rev but just the user-rev in 2011 hat are about 300 visits. or an average rev per visit of 1,4cents.

    Depending on how you calculated your rev, the 8cents sound not so bad.

  2. Jan

    and i would love an edit-function for the comments. sorry for my bad english-german mix i wrote…

  3. Tegs

    Incredible revenue per user.
    Now I have a benchmark.

    BTW your “Measuring websites income per user” link is broken.. no es bueno

  4. Kate

    Looking forward to the IPO release!! Look at the Google stock price now and where it was upon release, amazing.

  5. Mike Benton

    I think FB’s advertising revenue will only grow more in time, but from a business owner’s standpoint, the “likes” are getting tougher these days. Successful advertising seems to require more creativity and a better punch line to get a decent click through rate.

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