Why so many Google whiners really deserved to be torched in Panda & Penguin

Someone needs to tell SEOs whining about how Google sucks that really, they have no one to blame but themselves.  After all, all those pesky updates that sends people’s sites into a tailspin and sees their spammy sites relegated off to Google’s spam prison are all because, you guessed it, an SEO or spammer got a little too aggressive in getting their user unfriendly site ranking, and Google had to take action so their real users don’t get spam in their search results but a good quality site.  In other words, you can blame the whiners.

Take a look over at the Google webmaster help forums… they are filled with threads by site owners blaming Google for everything from missing their mortgage payment or not being able to put food on the table.  Because, you know, they feel Google owes them traffic for their crapass site that users hate.

It’s like a train wreck in there, with people posting their URLs thinking that if they post their website, which they swear up and down is spam free, Google will wave their magic Google dust wand over their thread, declare “my bad” and restore their crappy site to its former ranking glory.  Let me tell you, it’s not going to happen.

And the best part?  Just start clicking those so-called “spam free” and “quality content” sites – it is hard to find one that didn’t deserve to be torched, and really, it just serves as a poster boy for how Google is getting search RIGHT.  Scraper sites, nonsensical content, backlinks from bad comments on blogs or hacked sites, 2 page sites with no real content.  While I am sure there probably are a few sites mixed in with the whiners that really didn’t deserve to be de-ranked, the majority make you think ”wow, not only are you swearing your site is the equivalent of Jesus in your niche, you just posted it on the Google forums with a big LOOK AT MY SPAMMY SITE stamp all over it.”

Imagine if those whiners, you know, actually took all the time they spent bitching about Google and actually put that time into creating a spam-free quality content site.  And heck, even novice SEOs know that if you use the wrong tactics, it is only a matter of time before their sites get torched, so they keep building new ones.  And again, imagine that effort building 100s of torchable sites put into creating 3 or 5 really strong sites with great content with brandability and sharability.  Suddenly you have sites build to stand the test of time.

But the whiner SEOs don’t think that way, they just spend hours bitching about how Google sucks and they will lose their house because they were too lazy to do anything about it when they had their AdSense or affiliate checks rolling in.  Because the SEO dream isn’t sitting at your computer working (and mind you, that is what pretty much all the respected SEOs in the industy are doing right this second) – it is sitting around the pool with an umbrella in your drink!

And Google has been pretty open this year about what they are doing.  If you use spammier SEO, you knew it was only a matter of time.  But did they start reacting then by either trying to clean up their bad or expanding their website roster?  Of course not!  They sat back and considered themselves smarter than Google (snort!) and untouchable.

And really, Google whining doesn’t look attractive on many people, especially when you are blaming Google on everything wrong in your life.  You look like a two year old having a temper tantrum over a toy someone else is already playing with.

Of course, if you want to comment how Google hates your life and how your pure-as-the-driven-snow got hit by Panda or Penguin, feel free to post a comment with the site – but know we are all thinking you must really be a closet spammer and how we very likely will find exactly why you got hit with a big stuffed animal from Google.  But I am sure Shoemoney readers are up to the challenge in the find the spam whack-a-mole game!

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