How To Become A Laptop Millionaire

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There are very few books that I recommend as a *MUST READ* for seasoned marketers and newbies.

The laptop Millionaire –How Anyone Can Escape the 9 to 5 and Make Money Online,  by Mark Anastasi,  has a inspirational story that really resonated with me.

It reminded me about the Pursuit of Happiness movie with Will Smith, except in the internet marketing world.

The author, much like myself, was never successful at working for the man at a 9-5 job.  He felt under appreciated and eventually found himself out of a job, in debt during very hard times.

The internet was his saving grace.  Armed with just his laptop, Mark was able to completely turn his life around to very quickly become a multimillionaire.

Unlike the movie the Pursuit of Happiness, the book does not stop there.

Mark continues to talk you through his journey on how he made money.

After joining a few forums and talking to a few guys he got some tips on generating revenue online.

He quickly started generating revenue, all from his laptop, with:

  • E-Books
  • SEO
  • You Tube
  • List-Building

These strategies are illustrated through case studies and success stories of more than 100 of his students from around the world and from all walks of life. I loved the personal stories about how people  changed their lives by tapping into the Internet economy.

Now while you have heard this before I am sure from “guru’s” but, the techniques Mark walks you through,  honestly,  are more valuable than any “product” I have seen for sale for thousands of dollars… and he gives it away for 13 dollars.

But one of the most eye opening, gangster tips is how he leveraged CHEAP people to do 95% of the work for him.  Really blew me away and changed my mindset on a few things.

BTW if you notice there are no affiliate links.  I don’t want people to think I wrote this just to make a few g’s off of affiliate links.  As I said above it’s a *MUST* read.

Get your copy here at your favorite spot ASAP:


28 thoughts on “How To Become A Laptop Millionaire

  1. Edgar

    is this like the 4 hour week book by Tim Ferriss?

    I am going to give it a try just because Jeremy is saying is a must read.. I dont hear him say that often.


  2. J

    I read about this book on another site. I checked it out only from amazon and I would like to read it but I think I will check it out at my library before I purchase. Many of these books give suggestions but lack detailed information. I am going to definitely check it out however, it may have some helpful information. Congrats to the author, I hope to someday join the laptop millionaire club.

  3. Edgar

    Jeremy do you know if there’s a audio version of his book? I checked but couldn’t find anything.

  4. Kate

    I am seeing this book popping up all over the net with great reviews. Listing it as a must read (and it has a Kindle Version), it’s now on the list. Thanks!

  5. Sam the sock puppet

    Would this book show someone who is making $30k a month from Adsense what to do next?

    I’m a one-hit-wonder who knows Adsense isn’t long term – but unfortunately only got lucky with 1 site – and has never had any luck with any other online venture.

    Every day I worry my site is going to drop off google because of panda (or the next big update), and will have to go back to working :(

    1. Jonny

      I suggest you try to build an email list with your site, if you haven’t already. So, in the event that the site gets tanked, you can continue to monetize the email list.

  6. Mike

    Would somebody making $30K/mo from adsense be worried about dropping $10 on a book?

  7. Neil Asher

    I was lucky enough to see a copy of this in pre release it is EPIC and every bit as good a shoe says

    it’s a must buy.


  8. Abigail Johnson Akingbade

    Seems to be a very helpful book. I must check it out on how to monetize my blog. I just know I don’t want ads and to devalue the content with monetizing. Thanks for the tip to read this book!

  9. Tegs

    I’ll check it out, I love success stories. They really inspire me and give my work ethic a boost.

    Bwahaha @Mike “Nailed it”

  10. Omid

    WOW! This book is so inspiring. I bought this book and read 100 pages of it in one reading. I’m going to finish it by tonight definitely.

    Thanks a lot for the great suggestion.

    ~ Omid

  11. Ron

    Sounds interesting. But are his “students” those who read the one book and then apply those tips or does he then try to upsell a training course/paid membership type thing?

  12. Rich

    I’ve seen this reviewed on other blogs and to be honest they haven’t been as positive as this one (they weren’t negative either) on balance I should give it a go.

    Try reading ‘Chronic Marketer’ by Brad Gosse, it’s inspiring but in a different way!

    1. Jeremy Schoemaker Post author

      I think it depends on what you do. Being I, and readers of this blog for that matter, are into making money online – especially with putting in very little capital this resonates and is of a lot bigger value.

  13. Steve Smith

    If the ‘Laptop Millionaire’ didn’t read an inspirational book before he made it big, why do any of us need to?

  14. momchil

    so, basically, he escaped 9-5 by writing ebooks on how to escape 9-5.

    Sounds like a regular WaFo retard.

  15. Shaqir Hussyin

    This book is awesome! i’m featured on various chapters as i contributed to some topics on listbuilding, high ticket sales and other stuff.

    Mark is a great friend was a mentor to me in my early day’s. He’s one of those that helped me reach many breakthru’s.

    Great book.


  16. Wesley

    Finally got the book and am anxious to dive in and see whats next! I am hopeful that this read has some real substance and is not loaded with simple wonder stories.., we will see.

    Thanks for the tip as I do not often see you give the thumbs up for a good read – so it should be good!


  17. Lit

    Shoe often drops very great hints, though they are scattered all over his posts. If you can get all those posts and synthesize them, you will get out how to get big on the internet and avoid the 9-5 rat race.

    Some nuggets are contained in one email entitled ShoeMoney Most Read Articles.

    Thanks for this Shoe.

  18. Anonymous

    great book! At his conference in London this weekend where I have been getting some really good ideas. Would highly recommend the book

    Anthony Chadwick

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