Holy S*#%, You Wrote A Book?

The following is an excerpt from the book Write A F*$#’ing Book Already – The Insider’s Guide To Increasing Your Sales & Improving Your Career With A Book.

There’s no question about it. A book can be your best business card or resume. Assuming you take the chance and finally write one already.

Bottom line: There is probably no better way to close a sale or get hired for a job than to pull a book out of your briefcase and let the person across the table know you are the expert in the industry.

Imagine this scenario. You’re applying for a job as a social media strategist at a big manufacturing company. You really need a job, as you’ve been searching for something for months now. You keep going from interview to interview, and keep getting rejection after rejection for whatever reason. Maybe they didn’t think you had enough experience? Maybe they just thought you were boring? Whatever, it doesn’t matter. You can’t seem to close the deal and get the job.

Then one day you finally say to yourself, “You know, I should write a book on my niche and my industry.” So you go out and write something, put it on Amazon and get a few print-on-demand copies made. Then you go on your next job interview and you try this tactic instead.

The person across the table from you asks you a question about how you would do something and, instead of just answering verbally, you reach into your bag and pull out a copy of your book and say, “Well, actually, I wrote about this in my book. Let me just answer this for you. Let me find the page.”

Briefly look up and see at the faces of the people across the table from you and you’ll see the look in their eyes:  “Wow, this cat wrote a book on this. He/she is the real deal.” (Because that’s EXACTLY what will happen.)

Now tell me, with that move, are you getting the job, or is the other guy without the book getting it? The answer is yes, you’re getting the job, more often than not. Believe me, I’ve seen it done to me as an employer and, frankly, it works. It immediately elevated that person to the top of the list in my head.

Here’s the theory you have to admit is true. If someone has the passion/drive/skill/knowledge to go out and write a book on a topic, then logically that person must be an expert in that topic. Therefore, that person becomes a higher-level candidate for that position.

The same goes for all service type businesses as well. I don’t care if you’re a plumber, a car salesperson or an exotic pet seller of iguanas. You need a book!