Are we moving to Intranets again?

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My brother-in-law was in town last week and he has been in the IT field for as long as me. We were talking about the days of BBS (Bulletin Board Services) and AOL.

Back in the day when the “internet” was closed off communities. Then it grew into what we now know as the internet but there is a TON of crap… so its almost like we are reverting back to internets.

Think about it. Facebook is a place where we can keep in touch with our friends… get news or whatever. We never have to leave.

If we want information we can enter the wikipedia intranet.

Almost all of my favorite websites have apps for my phone or ipad. Its basically just a browser for their website.. But is this where we are headed?

So with all the crap clouding the internet are intranets the future?

13 thoughts on “Are we moving to Intranets again?

  1. Chris

    These little intranets like Facebook & Wikipedia are these small bubbles of somewhat safety in a huge universe of threats and complete garbage. We all pop our heads out occasionally when we need to find some information or do something that we can’t do in our intranets, but we can always jump back in to be safe again. I think the internet will continue to develop these little galaxies within the bigger web universe. People inherently like small, organized communities and the internet as a whole is just a big space devoid of much organization.

  2. Edgar

    I love how technology is so advance,but is scary at the same time. Its like the article Rebecca wrote about how everyone knows your check in’s and when your not home and stuff.

    what is next to come…

  3. Dave

    I read an article that basically said that Apps are going to kill Google because people just go direct to the site. I don’t necessarily agree with that because, if shoemoney has an app or not, I’m either going direct to the site or to the app. Google is cut out either way.

    As time goes on, I’m sure we’ll rely on search less and less but there’ll be a need for it. But yeah, on a daily basis, I am more or less sticking with my “main sites”.

    1. Sam the sock puppet

      Apps – intranets – whatever – won’t “kill” google. Google is just the tool to find more great little communities.

      Before google – there was books with websites printed in them. Google just made it easier to find new sites. How else would you discover new things?

      Shoemoney for example – I googled for a webmaster forum, and found digital point, which eventually got me here.

      Intranets were not linked in anyway – search engines make the Internet. The theory of going back to intranets is just wrong.

      Even from early days – people stayed on same sites – geocities, hotmail, yahoo chat rooms.

      Now it’s just Facebook, Wikipedia, twitter, etc.

      Next – who knows?

      But that is just the internet. Nothing new. People stick to same sites, eventually moving to next thing.

  4. John

    I have read this same thought elsewhere and it makes sense. People really only go to about 5 to 10 sites on a regular basis. You really only use search to find things you can’t find in those areas. I see a time where the search is replaced more and more by these other sites that can answer these questions in a more friendly environment.

    1. Ramon

      Don’t think so, if you need info on a particular subject, who is going to search for it through facebook? twitter?

  5. Ron

    I hope not because I never spend much time in any one place. But I do have to admit to using apps/site portals pretty often on my phone so I can imagine a whole different kind of web user, than myself, who only uses their phone to connect. In that case it really is like a few intranets and they don’t care about the rest they are missing.

  6. Nebraska SEO

    There are a lot of examples of this but Facebook is doing it so well.

    Zygna’s entire business model is based on FB. Even mainstream news providers have waved the white flag and conceded that they’ll get more eyeballs if people use a social reader app.

    I think the future of the internet is more expansive than just a few intranets but it’s going to be very interesting in the not too distant future when a couple of these showdown against one another.

  7. fas

    I feel the Internet has alot of evolution still to come. Today social media is the in-thing and tomorrow you never know what will happen.

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