Killing it bidding on misspellings in Adwords? Your screwed.

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google-adwords-square-logoMost experienced AdWords advertisers have developed keyword lists that include things like misspellings, plurals, and other variations on a keyword or phrase. Now, Google will do all this automatically — as it does with organic results — with exact and phrase matching, though advertisers will be able to opt out.

The new behavior will take into account five different variations in language:

  • Misspellings (“waterprof sunblock” instead of “waterproof sunblock”)
  • Singular/plural forms (“beach balls” and “beach ball”)
  • Stemming (“single serve” and “single serving”)
  • Accents (“hotel” and “hôtel”)
  • Abbreviations (“Dr.” versus “Doctor”)
  • Acronyms (“NYC” versus “New York City”)

The company says up to 7% of search queries include misspellings, and the longer the query, the more likely it is to contain some misspelling.

Google has been testing the new functionality with a few advertisers and says it has seen an average of a 3% rise in search clicks, at comparable CPCs, though the company notes performance will vary by advertiser.

The new interface (in the campaign settings tab, under Advanced settings select Keyword matching options) will be rolled out in the web interface to all advertisers over the next couple of weeks, and it will appear in the next version of the API released later this month. By default, matches will “Include plurals, misspellings and other close variants,” but advertisers can opt out if they’d like finer control of their keywords.

The actual matching won’t start until mid-May to give users a chance to opt out if they’d like.

Jen Huang, the AdWords product manager for this functionality, said this had been an often-requested feature, and the company believes it will benefit both advertisers and consumers.

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7 thoughts on “Killing it bidding on misspellings in Adwords? Your screwed.

  1. Edgar

    so basically this means if I was paying 5 cents for a misspelled word I am no longer going to benefit because now everyone will be bidding on those misspelled words increasing the bid price.

    now this sucks for those who where cashing in using this technique.

  2. Pawel Reszka

    I think it’s going to benefit the user but not the advertiser. Just as Edgar said the advertiser now will be forced to pay a lot more per click than before.

    Even if you opt out and try to bid on the misspellings yourself you will get outbidded by the advertisers who decide to stay included.

    On the other hand some misspellings can drive untargeted traffic which obviously results in poor conversions. I would opt out and stop bidding on those terms completely…but that’s just me.

  3. John Caskoby

    And they tell us that this is an often requested feauture? I like these kind of people who try to fuck us up and pretend if we really want to be fucked up.

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