Why we are not friends on Facebook (dont take it personal)

So like I have been meaning to post this for a bit but I feel it kind of comes off as egotistical.

Here is the deal. I get a lot of friend requests. I don’t check them. In fact I think today was the first time I friended someone in 4 months.

I have a our interns routinely go in and delete all friend requests cause when I use my iPhone it locks it up getting all that info.

Here is what it looks like so far THIS WEEK:

Some people take this personally and get really pissed and some people just constantly spam my wall saying they have requested.

Why don’t I friend anyone?

  1. I dont have time
  2. I don’t want to devote any company resources including myself to this.
  3. There is NO GOOD REASON you need to be “friends with me”.

So that last one might need further clarification.


You can message me,  you can subscribe to my feed and see my updates.  You can comment, you can like you can poke you can invite me to your new stupid application you just installed.

There is not one added feature to us being friends.

If I am missing something lemme know below




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