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Pure Country- Free Shirt Friday

by Jeremy Schoemaker on April 13, 2012 · 19 comments

If you like to model your tiny dog around in different types of costumes then Pure Country is perfect for you. Check it out for different types of costumes for all dogs 12 pounds and under. Check out our office dog Walter showing off his new duds from Pure Country.


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1 That Sneaker Wearing Entrepreneurial Cartoonist Internet Guy

This blog is going to the dogs! : )

2 Brian

Well now! Dressing up your dog is a crime to me! But it is still a market!

3 Edgar

Walter looks like chewbacca but with white hair and a tux.

4 Brad

During Halloween you can do very well with costumes on Cj. Not sure about off-season.

5 Wendy

Thanks Shoe! As a special treat for Shoemoney readers, here’s a coupon code for 20% off your entire order at Pure Country: SHOEMONEY20. Thanks!

6 Real Time Affiliate Marketing

I hate small dogs like this. My dog would eat this dog for lunch…

7 Sean

I’d like to see a “scottie” in a kilt!

8 Felipe Serra

Walter looks like chewbacca but with white hair and a tux.

9 Hotdogman

I have squirrels in my yard bigger than that dog!

10 fas

Dogs are so adorable, that owners just cant refuse anything to them.

11 Nick J

Ha, I don’t think anything under 15lbs should be considered a “dog.”

Maybe I’m just jealous their are no clothes for my big ole basset hound.

12 DonTed

This is awesome, gorgeous, the best free shirt friday I’ve ever seen here.

13 Derek

Nice looking dog and nice outfit. I may tell my neighbor about this site. She has a small poodle. Also i’m trying to get a date with her so this might spark a good conversation. lol

14 طيور الجنة

Walter looks like chewbacca but with white hair and a tux.

15 John Caskoby

Without joking, i am afraid of dogs. not these one, they are harmless and too little, but there are some dogs they scary the hell out of me, especially when their owners can’t handle them..

16 Simon

walter looks strangely curious like beast from facebook………lol

17 Santhosh

Nice Dog Shirt and a discount…

18 Mike

Heh, that’s the same kind of dog we have. I’ve got 5 of these damn things running around the house since we had 3 puppies. Anybody want a dog?

19 Blase DesMarais

I mean really what can you say…

Dogs are awesome, I have one, I think I will always have one.

I’ve never dressed one up, but hey to each his own. I think dogs know how nuts we are and they put up with it.

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