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ShoeMoney iPhone & iPad Affiliate Marketing Free for a limited time!

by Jeremy Schoemaker on April 12, 2012 · 26 comments

I am pretty pumped!!!

If you remember a few weeks back I said I went to Los Angeles to shoot a TON of brand new content.

It was all for an iPhone / Ipad application.

For ShoeMoney readers we are giving it out for a limited time.

Click here to download it now.

Here is a preview:

I put a LOT of work into this. I would really appreciate you giving it a rating and review (hopefully a 5 star one!!).

Download it here.

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1 Brian

Pretty cool Shoe. Will have to check this out!

2 That Sneaker Wearing Entrepreneurial Cartoonist Internet Guy

Slick looking app. Will give it a once over.

3 Greg Ellison

It is a very cool ipad / iphone app. The information is in an easy format to learn about Affiliate marketing. Thanks Greg Ellison

4 ricky solon

wow are you serious ? my message to anyone : go grab this app while it’s free … ask questions later just grab this app now

5 Tom Heckman

When is the android version comng out ?

6 Julian

Is this the reason I keep seeing all these damn guest blog posts! I’ll DL it and check it out man.

7 Dr Jeremy Schoemaker

Really don’t like them? Traffic is way up and have gotten really positive responses so far

8 Julian

Na I liked them, I’m just giving you a hard time.

9 Zac Johnson

Very cool, I’ll download it tonight and check it out.

10 Kevin Thomas

Ohhh man, this looks dope. Too bad i dont have an i phone/pad


11 Nick Johnson

Awesome, thanks and i’ll be sure to rate it after I peruse the content this weekend.

12 fiq09

thats cool bro, maybe this is the great chance

13 Nick

Interesting idea. App crashed twice without making it past the splash-screen. Third time it actually work with a few glitches here and there. Overall a great first app.

Shoemoney 14 Anna

Loved the app! Seriously this is an amazing learning tool for people and it is FREE!

15 fas

Downloaded it yesterday, a good app for beginners with 10 chapters, Looking forward to more from your end, like how did you develop this app, so we too can ;-)

Shoemoney 16 Kathy

I have never seen such a learning tool app like this . Do you think you will do more apps like this?

17 Jack

I’ve never seen this? Is it available for android yet?

18 John Caskoby

Cool app. I downloaded it, but never took a look at it. I think it contains information just for beginners, I know a lot of shit, learned from various blogs (these one included…

but did you change the approach of this blog, I remember that in the past that this website had a lot of commentators, you had a top commentors list on the right side and I was a young boy so I spammed the hell out of your blog in order to appear in the top commentators list and almost directly getting deleted from that list,

I remember these times very good and that was also the time I learned a lot of stuff on your blog, now it´s more sharing of stories, experiences and some blog posts I even don´t follow, for example the one of seobitch.. wtf are you trying to tell me..

19 Frederik Trovatten

Grats on the new app! So far I have Godin’s, Smartpassinveincome’s App and yours now..

Did you use a Wordpress to App program or delveoped it from scratch?

20 PSU

FYI, checked it out and starting with video 3.4 (and the next few I tried) none of the videos would load. All of the previous videos played without issue. Tried using both WiFi and 3G on latest iPhone.

Anybody else encounter this?

21 Bobby

Hey PSU,

Same problem here. probelm starts from video 3.4 and on. Is there any other way we can see the videos? Anyone?

22 Russ

Very cool – working on my own iphone and ipad apps too – crazy the amount of traffic you can get when the app is free… I will check this out Shoe

23 SparkJunction

The smartphones will get overcrowded with affiliate apps and sites, I can’t wait to get my anti-spam apps!

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