The ShoeMoney Comment Contest is back!

Back by popular demand is the ShoeMoney comment contest. The comment contest works like this.

Basically you drop by and give your take on the days post. When you comment you are automatically entered in the daily contest. Daily contest winners will be put into the grand prize drawing of an iPad 3!

Thats it πŸ˜‰

Oh and I forgot daily contest winners get a free ShoeMoney Shirt shipped to your door ;).

If you have not already noticed we have a mobile theme enabled that lets you comment right from there too.

So have fun and good luck. (you can see the daily winners on the right hand side bar)

BTW there are a lot of filters in place from before to stop short comments and crap… so don’t waste your or my time. If you don’t post an educated on topic comment then don’t bother.