The ShoeMoney Comment Contest is back!

Back by popular demand is the ShoeMoney comment contest. The comment contest works like this.

Basically you drop by and give your take on the days post. When you comment you are automatically entered in the daily contest. Daily contest winners will be put into the grand prize drawing of an iPad 3!

Thats it 😉

Oh and I forgot daily contest winners get a free ShoeMoney Shirt shipped to your door ;).

If you have not already noticed we have a mobile theme enabled that lets you comment right from there too.

So have fun and good luck. (you can see the daily winners on the right hand side bar)

BTW there are a lot of filters in place from before to stop short comments and crap… so don’t waste your or my time. If you don’t post an educated on topic comment then don’t bother.

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  1. Ramon
  2. Heather Meade
  3. Corey
  4. Brian
  5. Dave
  6. Raghu
  7. Greg Ellison
  8. Mccoy
  9. Martin Muehl
  10. Anonymous
  11. Tegs
  12. Anthony Myers
  13. Fazreen
  14. Rob
  15. Dennis
  16. Bryan Knowlton
  17. Hotdogman
  18. Tracy Robinson
  19. DJ Yates
  20. John N
  21. Tom Brownsword
  22. Norman Jester
  23. Nancy
  24. Blase DesMarais
  25. Andrew
  26. Matthew
  27. Michele
  28. Zac Johnson
  29. Lynn Harrison
  30. Nathan Driver
  31. Nick Throlson
  32. RentsBrickell
  33. Mike
  34. Tomi Holden
  35. Brad
  36. Edgar
  37. Nigel
  38. Eric
  39. Sanjit Chohan
  40. ricky solon
  41. Jesse Moran
  42. Jesse Moran
  43. Mark
  44. Jajat Sudrajat
  45. Steven Cox
  46. Christina
  47. Chris
  48. Jamie
  49. FeltMedia
  50. Siddhartha
  51. fas
  52. Wiguan
  53. Brian Hawkins
  54. Mate Hegedus
  55. anny
  56. Ashish Patel
  57. DonTed
  58. Melvin
  59. Steve Smith
  60. Monge
  61. Eddie
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