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The ShoeMoney Comment Contest is back!

by Jeremy Schoemaker on April 10, 2012 · 62 comments

Back by popular demand is the ShoeMoney comment contest. The comment contest works like this.

Basically you drop by and give your take on the days post. When you comment you are automatically entered in the daily contest. Daily contest winners will be put into the grand prize drawing of an iPad 3!

Thats it ;)

Oh and I forgot daily contest winners get a free ShoeMoney Shirt shipped to your door ;).

If you have not already noticed we have a mobile theme enabled that lets you comment right from there too.

So have fun and good luck. (you can see the daily winners on the right hand side bar)

BTW there are a lot of filters in place from before to stop short comments and crap… so don’t waste your or my time. If you don’t post an educated on topic comment then don’t bother.

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1 Ramon

Cool contest,I can use an IPad 3 for in the couch

2 Heather Meade

I’m not eligible to win the Kindle Fire my newspaper is giving away, but an iPad 3 is a better prize, anyway!

3 Corey

Jeremy, your timing is perfect. I was just about to announce my own contest to find the first person who will give me an iPad3. The winner gets a brand new photo of me using the iPad they gave me to win the contest.

4 Brian

Well this is awesome. Would love to win this!

5 Dave

Dr Shoemoney,

I think I’d look pretty good with an IPAD 3. I’ll even instagram a photo of myself playing around with it :P

6 Raghu

I was running to restroom. My wife was using Mac Book. So I took the iPad from my 2 year old son, who was watching Incu Wincy spider .. He started screaming. I really dont want to use office PC. So I told my wide I need to buy a new iPad and then took my iPhone with me.

Right after opening google reader I saw this contest. Timing can’t be any better,

7 Greg Ellison

It will be nice to have an Ipad 3. At work Ipads are becomming the norm now. Greg

8 Mccoy

You are a genius Doc.

Consider this comment as my entry for the day :)

9 Martin Muehl

I wouldn’t need an iPad3, but would rather hear about the impact of such a contest on the quality of comments. But I’m sure that posting is destined to be written!

10 Anonymous

Usually I do not read article on blogs, but I wish to say that this write-up very forced me to try and do so! Your writing style has been surprised me. Thanks, very nice article.

Ha Ha Ha,
But seriously send me the iPad and nobody gets hurt. ;)

11 Tegs

Usually I do not read article on blogs, but I wish to say that this write-up very forced me to try and do so! Your writing style has been surprised me. Thanks, very nice article.

Ha Ha Ha

But seriously send me the iPad and nobody gets hurt ;)

12 Anthony Myers

Awesome way to engage readers and increase user generated content.

I think I’m going to implement a comment contest on my blog as well, thanks for the idea.

Oh, and speaking of iPads/Kindles, I think you’ll like this little comic I found on the web recently lol.

13 Fazreen

wow! sounds great. I want to win this ipad 3 so I can become a handsome blogger. oh please send me the ipad

14 Rob

Ya I could use the new iPad my 2 is beat!

15 That Sneaker Wearing Entrepreneurial Cartoonist Internet Guy

Great promo to increase comments. I tried the same thing with a free banana offer but it didn’t seem to work very well. More people must really like the iPad 3 over bananas. : )

16 Dennis

Cool idea to get people to react and have fun at the same time! Will participate gladly.

17 Bryan Knowlton

Hey Jeremy, thanks again for doing that video interview with me during affiliate summit and tweeting the funny bleeper reel. Gonna have to take part in this contest! Thanks again!

18 Hotdogman

Yeah! An iPad! I could use a new one because my 7 year old has basically hi-jacked mine. Not only do I NOT get to use it as much when she’s doing homework and stuff on it, she can now kick my ass in Angry Birds.

19 Tracy Robinson

Sounds like a great contest, but what is your take on using the ipad for websurfing or blogging on wordpress instead of gameplaying, which is what it seems I see most people doing?

20 DJ Yates

Cool beans Dr. J!

Your work has only come into focus for me recently… your engagement and clarity are pretty refreshing!

21 John N

This is a great way to attract comments which seem to be helping alot recently with SEO. Comments signal to google your content is “good”

22 Tom Brownsword

OK, so how in the world am I supposed to make an intelligent comment on a post about a comment contest? Ah, well, back to Marketing 101 and the “list”:

1. Brevity is the soul of wit — and good comments.

2. Is that 3 iPads or an iPad 3?

3. Do your filters discriminate against foreign languages? Mam nadzieje, ze nie…

4. Mobil theme? What do Exxon and Shell have to say about that? Oh, wait…!

5. Uh, wait, I’ll think of something… :P

Best regards,

23 Norman Jester

All your base are belong to us.

I love contests like this. Good promotional and interactive idea.

24 Nancy

Hey, its not clear, is the ipad given monthly or at the end of the year?

Also, what’s the deal with the subliminal Shoemoney girl in the borders? A little creepy…

25 Blase DesMarais

Hey Jeremy,

I would like to thank you for forcing me to come here everyday to soak up the knowlege that you share.

26 Andrew

Awesome! I don’t come ’round as often as I should, so this’ll encourage me to be a more frequent visitor. (I’ve always been grateful for the work you do, for the free course, etc..)

27 Matthew

I’d comment but I’m not an apple fan… Oh wait I just commented lol

Best of luck !

28 Michele

Great initiative, but I would like some clarifications too, when will the grand prize (the new iPad) be assigned?

29 Zac Johnson

An excellent way to bring extra activity and promotion to the blog.

30 Lynn Harrison

Shoue, Great to see this contest back. It is a great example of creating engagement with your visitors. Keep up the great work.

31 Nathan Driver

I could use a free ipad3 and a cool tshirt – I’m just sayin’.

32 Nick Throlson

Awesome contest shoe! I won first I pad from ya hopefully I will win again! Best of luck to everyone.

33 RentsBrickell

Long time reader and now avid poster lol!!! Thank you!! Really want one of those shirts too!!! lol

34 Mike

I could use an ipad. It’ll make the wife jealous!

35 Tomi Holden

This should be fun! I like reading your site, so a contest for just leaving comments on stuff I am already reading is just bonus! Thanks, I look forward to commenting on all of the daily posts.

36 Brad

Free stuff always make people go CRAZY hahahah.

I hope it works out for ya.

37 Edgar

Jeremy knows how to start a party and with an ipad on the line… I am ready lol.

38 Nigel

Yeah, you got me Jeremy; I want a new Ipad 3 – This blog is already on my RSS reader for the killer affiliate marketing tips, but now I’m going to start commenting. Cheers!

39 Eric

Is there any other way to get one of the t-shirts — are they available for sale? My last name begins with an S so it’d be kinda cool to have one.

40 Sanjit Chohan

Waiting to WIN the New iPAD 3 ….

Jeremy Will I ??

41 ricky solon

that’s a baller move right there… I would love to know how it will improve engagement traffic and more … anyway great move …

42 Jesse Moran

Dude, I’ve been following you for years since 2007. I didn’t know you were in Lincoln until just recently. I just moved from Lincoln to Maryland. ( yia yias pizza rocks) Glad you are running this contest again. I hope I have a good shot! Good luck this year!

43 Jesse Moran

Dude, I’ve been following you for years since 2007. I didn’t know you were in Lincoln until just recently. I just moved from Lincoln to Maryland. ( yia yias pizza rocks) Glad you are running this contest again. I hope I have a good shot! Good luck this year! Love the iPad 3 idea

44 Mark

Shoe, I’d love to have an iPad3 since the I last time I checked on Apple’s website there is no tablet named iPad3 but only something called Resolutionary The new iPad :)

45 Jajat Sudrajat

Good contest, but I think I can not follow it, because I live far from your country.

46 Steven Cox

Glad I stopped by today to find out about your awesome contest.

47 Christina

I just went though my inbox and unsubscribed from about 15 newsletters. I only kept four – yours, pat flynn, copyblogger, and yaro. There is so much crap out there – thanks for keeping it real with awesome content.

48 Chris

I’ve seriously been trying to convince myself I need to get an iPad since the first one came out, but I just haven’t been able to justify spending the $$. I really need a full blown laptop for mobile work, and a tablet type setup just wouldn’t get that done. That being said, I’d be stoked to win one and sure wouldn’t turn it down. Thanks for putting the contest together.

49 Jamie

I get a ton of inspiration from your posts, wish there was a way to learn more about the huge gaps in knowledge I have…. I need another marketing course from you!!

50 FeltMedia

Nice, I have an Ipad 1 and my wife got me an Ipad 2 last month (so she can have the Ipad 1 lol ) It’s so nice to have a usable device when you are driving down the road, at the kids ball games, and sitting in the Doctor’s office. Best invention in the last 10 years, easily.

Love the blog Shoe, glad to see you are back to updating it again. Nothing against some of the guest posters, but ya know

51 Siddhartha

Jeremy, I am amazed to see how beautifully you apply blog promotional strategies on your blog! But say I must – an iPad for just a comment sounds cool! I am checking from my mobile and could not figure out how long is your contest open. Anyway, thanks for making it so easy to participate!

52 fas

December announcement, isint that like almost 8 months away? This is a very long contest indeed. For such long, you should have given a MacBook Air ;-)

53 Wiguan

It’s been awhile to have a contest like this. Well, I hope I have a chance to win…

54 Brian Hawkins

We are living off are iPad while we travel Europe for a month.

55 Mate Hegedus

Shoe’s plan is already working :)

Last post has 3 comments on and this one already has 45.

56 anny

Exceptional contest ! I want to drawing of an iPad 3 for winning this contest. Actually this drawing contest proved the usefulness of iPad 3. Thanks :)

57 Ashish Patel

I’d love to get that iPad 3 this year as i was going to buy one soon.

thank you Jeremy

58 DonTed

As long as I don’t have an iPad, it would be great to get one for free from you. One problem: I’m from Romania, so how do I get the prize?

Good luck to me :D

59 Melvin

I remember me winning a shoemoney shirt couple of years ago. Of course I would try my luck again here, maybe its an iPad for me this time!

Btw, is this the black shoemoney shirt?

60 Steve Smith

This contest is rigged.

61 Monge

Let ‘s test my luck with this awesome prize

62 Eddie

Thanks for this opportunity and chance to be in this raffle.

Always appreciate the adsense insight that’s provided here.

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