This Body By VI cult is something else

Have you been assaulted by people slinging this Body By Vi diet? I first heard about it from my wife who was like “Wow this diet looks pretty good my friend X lost X pounds so far! Check out her site it looks really professional.”

When I went to the site it was

Any internet marketer should notice this as some sort of affiliate. While my wife kept reading and being in awe of all the testimonials, I made a mental note to research how this site was making money.

After about the 10th person hit me up, I posted on Facebook about how annoyed I was. I am such a hypocrite =P. It started a shit storm.

Now of course half of this comes from the hater in me. As I have posted before the weightloss business is brilliant. See any NEGATIVE reviews of body by vi ? Of course not. If it didn’t work for you it’s your own fault you lazy fatass!

But wait THIS IS THE MAGIC BULLET!!! Ok I am starting to digress…. back on point!

Now, I have been hit up in the past for this kind of stuff, but it’s here or there. Buy my Cutco knives. By my Mona Vi drink. Blah Blah.

This is something else. I have never seen an army of sales people like this and it’s not unemployed retards either.

Ok so time to research.

Smart thing #1 to get you to sell it to your friends – refer 3 friends and your shakes are free!!

Become a distributor – for only $499 you can start your own distributorship and your OWN BUSINESS!!!!

Giving away BMW’s OMG THEY ARE GIVING AWAY 10 BMW’s A DAY!!!!!!!

Check out this video, amazing speakers pitching from the stage… Wow what an opportunity !!!!


This is my favorite part. They do a great selling trick of making you picture your “Brand New Black BMW”… actually lemme quote cause I love it.

As long as its a BMW and it’s black we will pay for it. If you don’t like black and get a white BMW that’s fine we will give you a $300 a month bonus.

O SHIT lemme signup right now cause man I want a black one!!! I don’t like white anyway!!!

But wait what was that small part about paying $600 a month for your payment.? OH damnit. Why let facts get in the way of a good sales pitch.

You see they only give you $600 a month (to pay for your black beamer or *ahem* 300 if you like white) when you hit $25,000.00 a month in sales!!!

What happens when you don’t hit your quota to have them reimburse you for your BMW payment (up to $600)? Oh, you get to pay for it and you also get to get raped on that 10 year loan you signed up for to make sure you got under the $600 payments.

In the end there is a lot of take aways.

  • Create a product that will never have refunds or a bad testimonial
  • Refer friends and get your products for free
  • Sell our shit and get a BMW (almost).


If I sound like a hater it’s just cause I didn’t think of it =(

BTW This post has come with some hate as you can Imagine. Kelley Feest of San Diego who makes a great living from home but has zero affiliation with Body By Vi had this to say:

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