ShoeStradamus – 4 year old SEO prediction comes true

Once again another Shoestradamus prediction comes true.

4 years ago I told you SEO as we knew it had no future… onpage seo, backlinks, whatever is dying.

I also went into detail about how Google was going to be using user behavior and social activity as a huge way to rank websites.

Quote from the 4 year old post:

In the future Google will heavily rely on social voting, geo targeting and other user behavior factors to influence its results.

Algorithms are going to be heavily influenced by actions you and your friends take. Its not going to happen overnight but it will happen.

Ok so I wasnt like nail on the head but pretty close.

Check out this search I just did for SEO:

Hmm only 3 listings that are influenced by SEO as we used to know it. Geographic and circles make up the rest.

Now I know what some of you are thinking… ya well your using chrome and signed in what do you expect.

Well I can tell you that 68% of readers use Chrome and a huge portion of them are into SEO…

Oh btw before you ask for a Shoestradamus prediction on if the world will end in 2012 like the Mayans believe… No it wont. Dont worry I will remind you I was right on that also =P.