ShoeStradamus – 4 year old SEO prediction comes true

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Once again another Shoestradamus prediction comes true.

4 years ago I told you SEO as we knew it had no future… onpage seo, backlinks, whatever is dying.

I also went into detail about how Google was going to be using user behavior and social activity as a huge way to rank websites.

Quote from the 4 year old post:

In the future Google will heavily rely on social voting, geo targeting and other user behavior factors to influence its results.

Algorithms are going to be heavily influenced by actions you and your friends take. Its not going to happen overnight but it will happen.

Ok so I wasnt like nail on the head but pretty close.

Check out this search I just did for SEO:

Hmm only 3 listings that are influenced by SEO as we used to know it. Geographic and circles make up the rest.

Now I know what some of you are thinking… ya well your using chrome and signed in what do you expect.

Well I can tell you that 68% of readers use Chrome and a huge portion of them are into SEO…

Oh btw before you ask for a Shoestradamus prediction on if the world will end in 2012 like the Mayans believe… No it wont. Dont worry I will remind you I was right on that also =P.

20 thoughts on “ShoeStradamus – 4 year old SEO prediction comes true

  1. Harlan Kilstein

    Well it’s finally nice to see someone who actually said it as opposed to people reversing themselves in mid-stream.

    Last week the same people advising buying 159,000 spammed links on the Warrior Forum are denying they ever said to buy links.

    The key is going to be creating content people want to like and share and training your visitors to do so.

  2. Pawel Reszka

    Yeah, but that’s why I don’t make any searches when logged in to Google. I like to digg deeper in search results pages and prefer not to see Google+ results. It’s a total joke if you ask me. Google forces us to use their platform. Let’s be honest, nobody would use Google+ if it didn’t have such an effect on your rankings.

    Basically, they want our content on their platform so the user never leaves Google.

  3. Jason

    The Church of Shoemoney cites the above image as undeniable PROOF that the world will end this year as the calendar does not go past 2012.

  4. yo

    My “SEO” serp results look 75% the same and I’m not logged into Google. Only results that are different are the geo related ones.

    I agree with your prediction, but don’t think we are there yet.

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  8. Mccoy

    All hail Master ShoeMoney! More predictions please, so we can get a headstart on everyone else.

  9. george


    You seem to ignore some imortant fact though.

    You are logged in to your google account and therefore you get “personalized” searc hresults form google.

    You should do the same search without cookies or being logged in to your google account

    Just my 2 cents

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  11. Marc Ensign

    I would go one step further and say that in the not so distant future, search as we all know it is going to be replaced by something more interactive like SIRI…just like the Yellow Pages were replaced by search engines. Who needs to search when you can bark orders or questions into your phone or computer and get the answer instantly. I don’t think search will go away, but Google is not going to be nearly as powerful as it once was. Either way, I’m just looking forward to when we all get to wear silver jumpsuits and travel around in hovering cars.

  12. Pearson

    Another SEO tool that has died is blog networks. Google has de-indexed and de-ranked blog networks such as BMR. With this option gone now is the time to create quality content.

  13. Chris

    SEO is dead. So is SE1 and SE2. Until Google comes out and says, “WE DON’T CARE IF YOU BUILD LINKS ANYMORE BECAUSE THEY AREN’T A FACTOR ANY LONGER”, I’ll probably do some link building to my sites, AND include social elements as well.

  14. Dave

    OK I agree … but who uses Google plus other than the tech space peeps.

    Geo is becoming more and more of a presence, however not every search can be ‘localized’ can it?

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