Helishopter looks pretty sweet!

The social shopping list Helishopter, founded by the former Elite Retreat attendee Andreas Hassellöf, just released two really cool features. A way to embed a shopping list on a blog and shopping oriented share buttons for online stores.

I created a list myself, with my business changing books. This is what it looks like embedded on my blog:

Business changing books by John Dhoe at helishopter.com, the social shopping list.

This is a great way to make your affiliate links sexy and spreadable. Create helishopter lists and then embed the list on your blog. The links will spread to more people via reposts and end up on facebook, e-mail suggesstions, etc.

If you are a fashion blogger that cut and paste product images to create collages… Don’t. Just add products to a Helishopter list and a collage will be created for you automatically and every product will be individually linked and wired to generate more traffic and revenue for you.

You can embed anyone’s list, not just your own. So it’s a great and easy way to add content and value to your blog. This is another one example, Seth Godin recently recommended some books for 2012 in a blog post that ended up as a Helishopter Top List:

Seth Godin Recommended by Helishopter Top lists at helishopter.com, the social shopping list.

Good to know

  1. Add new stuff by clicking on “Add new” and then pasting your affiliate link
  2. Click on the share list button to get the code you use to embed a list on your blog
  3. If you want to make sure that the products you posted end up on your Facebook timeline, you can turn that on and off with the facebook button in the header
  4. Users repost your stuff by clicking on “Do I?”, “I want”, “I have” or “Suggest this to a friend”

  1. After pasting your affiliate link, click on one of the green buttons to post
  2. Sometimes you want to use another picture than the ones suggested, then just click on the + and paste an image URL in the box that shows up.
  3. When you post something from a new store, you will automatically begin to follow that store on Helishopter. This applies to reposts as well. Might end up being a very powerful tool for online stores, especially if they implement the helishopter share buttons






Old stuff

This is how you do it. Not sure about this once since a step-by-step guide creates a lot of screenshots that doesn’t really explain anything besides the obvious.

Create a helishopter profile

Add your first products

Embed the list