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Mark Zuckerberg’s Penis

by Jeremy Schoemaker on March 9, 2012 · 32 comments

At the first ever TechCrunch awards back in 2007 I was part of the “Press Core”.  Which gave me special access to some pretty big names down in the press room.

So anyway long story short (no pun intended) I am going to the bathroom and in rolls in Zuck to the urinal next to me.

Hes kind of standing back a bit and out of my peripheral vision I can see his penis. Now I have the option to actually look and since he is back so far he would never knew that I did..

So question. Would you look?

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1 ajs


2 pete

Final straw, unsubscribing. Posts on this blog have been going downhill.

3 Tegs


Pecker checker

4 Matty

Wow you really try to squeeze every ounce of attention out of you taking a photo with Mark and being in the same bathroom as him.

Cool life bro.

5 Earl Grey

for some reason thats a pretty high traffic keyword for one of my sites.

6 netmeg


Did you?

7 Jeremy Schoemaker

lol… I will never tell.

8 download software

oh…that’s cool man!

9 Ryan


10 Jonathan Volk


11 Sam the sock puppet

Lol your right arm looks very photoshopped ;-)

12 Jimmy

Why don’t you just give up. Your site continues to shrink and your facebook group is dead.

Shoemoney 13 Elhaje

I was wondering why someone was bashing the heck out of this site regarding the penguin update….I know why now it’s going downhill now…

14 Harry T

LOL to even think about looking, verifying your status?

15 fiq09


16 Juhani Tontti

Great, you look like brothers!!

17 Justin Case

So, Your standing there in the bathroom and in walks Shoemoney.. happens to stand right next to you while urinating. Question: Would you look to see if he had a penis?

18 Harry T

Have to wonder if he’s looking at your penis

19 Ashish Patel

coool :D

20 Ben Marvin


21 Dilip

Well it will be unique, one of its kind, a billion dollar penis. I would defiantly see that.

22 shary

I am sure this is gng to get highest views in ur site :) You really know how to get attention

23 Phoebe

< I would look.. but i'm female i would look at boobs too and all wieners lol :P

24 zimbrul

Not just watch mate: I would have interviewed MZ’s penis. This could have attracted tons of attention: Once in a lifetime opportunity-Mark Zukerberg’s penis interview. How to piss three times a day and earning six figure revenue.

25 pacman0r

seriously shoemoney?…. dont need to see this in my feed anymore. unsubbed.

26 blakemore

Who cares and what does it matter? You don’t have anything better to do with your time than to post garbage like this? There’s more important things in the world than the size of Zuckerberg’s penis……..

27 Josh

Jeremy are you crazy????

Don´t you have more ideas about what to publish????
I´m man and I don´t care about another man penis, althought it is zuckerberg´s.

Think twice before publish something in your site!!!

unsubscribed now.

28 joel monti

Truth. This is a pretty lame post.

29 techbytes

If he was standing back a bit, then I’m sure he was inviting you to peek and I’m sure you did. Anyone else, I could care less but it is Zuckerberg. Do tell…

30 Half-a-bil

Mark has a huge cock’ Its thick, and about 8.5 inches’ He also has huge low-hanger nutts.His skin is soft like a wet marshmallow. Mark is vers, a good romantic top, and a hot bottom :)

Shoemoney 31 Elhaje Ascofare

He knows exactly what he is doing. Remember that yahoo post about snooki without makeup. It got viral in just few hours!

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