ShoeMoney Daily Internet Marketing Deals

Anyone who has read this blog for a long time knows I try lots of things. Somethings stick… somethings go away. But I love to test new things.

We have been solicited a lot by deal sites to “partner” with or who just want us to promote their junk. I don’t like the way they do it. I feel they take a ENORMOUS percentage which could be passed on to the consumer in savings.

In other words I feel I can do it better.

Much like when we launched AuctionAds and their was already 8 competitors in the space, I feel its going to be fun to figure out how to dominate the space.

Going off my coke theory of degrees of separation it would be a logical step for us to offer Internet Marketing Products at a very reduced rate but limited in quantity.

So anyway be on the look out for ShoeMoney Daily Deals in the next few weeks.

What kind of deals will we have?  We are going to try to mostly focus on Internet Marketing Services that are high quality and give an amazing discount with a limited quantity available.

We may through in a info product here and there but we will have to throughly review it and make sure its something that we would want to purchase.

Don’t worry we will keep a separate list for the daily deals for those interested in that. We will do some blog integration but for the most part it will be out of the way.

If you feel your company has a valuable service that you want to get out there contact our deals team !!!