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Anyone who has read this blog for a long time knows I try lots of things. Somethings stick… somethings go away. But I love to test new things.

We have been solicited a lot by deal sites to “partner” with or who just want us to promote their junk. I don’t like the way they do it. I feel they take a ENORMOUS percentage which could be passed on to the consumer in savings.

In other words I feel I can do it better.

Much like when we launched AuctionAds and their was already 8 competitors in the space, I feel its going to be fun to figure out how to dominate the space.

Going off my coke theory of degrees of separation it would be a logical step for us to offer Internet Marketing Products at a very reduced rate but limited in quantity.

So anyway be on the look out for ShoeMoney Daily Deals in the next few weeks.

What kind of deals will we have?  We are going to try to mostly focus on Internet Marketing Services that are high quality and give an amazing discount with a limited quantity available.

We may through in a info product here and there but we will have to throughly review it and make sure its something that we would want to purchase.

Don’t worry we will keep a separate list for the daily deals for those interested in that. We will do some blog integration but for the most part it will be out of the way.

If you feel your company has a valuable service that you want to get out there contact our deals team !!!


11 thoughts on “ShoeMoney Daily Internet Marketing Deals

    1. Jeremy Schoemaker Post author

      Ya its funny I got the idea from appsumo when they approached me for advertising and to put my products in their thing. But then the amount they charge I was like holy crap in the end Ill make like 15% of what I would make if I sold it myself… Since it would be mostly people who know who I am that would buy anyway lol. Makes NO sense.

  1. Chris

    Real cool. This is something I have thought about for a while, and wondered why nobody was really dominating this space. Looking forward to updates in the weeks to come.

  2. Derek

    I like this Shoemoney. I have a hard time trusting daily deals sites because the products i feel are not quality ones or just not relating to the current market.

    I’m looking forward to this deals thing in the future and would know for sure the products/deals are 100% legit and not a total ripoff. I hate wasting money on crap. I’d rather waste money on a case of beer for the weekend. lol

  3. Henry Jordan

    Great move. With your internet marketing approach, I’m sure you’ve run across tons of products and/or services that you consider remedial. My only advice would be to remember that there are thousands of people out there looking for basic information. Once we get three or four years into our own internet marketing “Bubble” so to speak, we tend to forget how much we used to devour Basic Information as newbies. As long as you are explaining up front that a product or service is more basic, it still has value to a lot of people, even though some of your more advanced followers may ignore it. It also broadens your base of products that you can offer and the frequency. For what it’s worth… Henry J.

  4. Tom

    I agree, many of these sites seem to want to make a fortune for little or no work. I love a bargin but when there is a mark up just to pay a commission, it no longer is a deal. I look forward to seeing what you have to offer.n

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  6. adam @ Coventry Website Design

    Cheers Jeremy, very nice to know that there are others out there not trying to bleed people dry. I have used a lot of ‘Discount’ sites before and a) They weren’t discount and b) My vouchers arrived after the expiry date.
    I’ll be using this site to check out some good daily deals.

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