Elite Retreat 9 – The History and Upcoming April Event

by Jeremy Schoemaker on March 5, 2012 · 13 comments

As you know, once a year I hold a very exclusive, one-on-one event called the Elite Retreat.

I’m happy to announce we will be holding our 9th event April 25,26, and 27th at the Clift Hotel in San Francisco.

The event was started out of frustration from paying thousands of dollars to attend events with thousands of people and hearing “stump speeches” from speakers or “selling pitches” from the stage and not really giving any value.

We were also frustrated with attendees who talked out of their ass and had no real experience doing what they were talking about… waste of time and money.

So we started an event we always wanted to attend:

  • Small 30 person conference
  • All transportation, alcohol, and meals taken care of – and at a first class level.
  • Ted level Internet marketing speakers not only giving real value to attendees and that want to be apart of our alumni
  • High quality,  structured networking with other attendees.
  • All attendees screened to ensure they will be able to accomplish their goals and be able to contribute to our growing alumni group.

As we enter our 9th event and have had over 300 unique attendees, the value at this point is the “Tribe” of folks we have built.  So many businesses have been formed from this event.  We also have a Mastermind list where any alumni can ask any question and get responses from past attendees with real experience.

As a well-sought after speaker for large events, I can tell you it is simply impossible to actually work one-on-one with attendees and give them any sort of real value specific to their goals.  Just do the math; I’m talking to thousands of people, and I’m given 45 minutes to talk to all of them.

The Elite Retreat solves that problem by having an expert to attendee ratio that is unheard of.

The event is very exclusive, only allowing 30 attendees who have complete access over the three day event to some of the most sought-after experts in the Internet Marketing world.

From the limo pickup at the airport to the best venues in the city, this is a first class all inclusive event.

In the past we have had experts like:

  • Guy Kawasaki – Apple Advocate and Angel investor
  • Gary Vaynerchuk – WineLibrary.tv and bestselling author
  • Seth Godin – Marketing guru, best selling author, and consultant to the stars

Just to name a few.  And this years speaker lineup is the best yet.

I don’t want to bombard you with too much information, but we have received so many emails and we have so many people on the waiting list.

The price for this years event will be $7995.

There is nothing like it in the industry and we have a unheard of 80% return rate. I think that says a lot about the event.

The alumni also add a tremendous amount of value to the event.

I personally can attribute 90% of my last 4 years income is from contacts I made at the event or ideas/partnerships formed there.

Last years event sold out in a few hours and we expect this one to be the same.

To make sure you are on the list when we accept registrations put your email here.

If you have any questions about the event this year please use the contact us link at the top.

All attendees are screened to ensure that they:

  • Can benefit and achieve their goals.
  • Will be able to contribute and add to the value of the group as a whole.

We will be announcing the speakers, agenda, and venue in the coming days.

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1 Jonathan Volk

Woo! Super excited for ER9! ER8 was epic and worth every penny!

Highly recommended!

2 Anna

Are you going to come to this years ER?

3 Danny

Best event in the industry hands down!

4 Georgie

$8k. Wow.

5 Jay

The cost should be over 10k honestly. If you do not have that much to spend on an event then this is not for you.

I went to my first Elite Retreat 3 years ago and 1 thing I got from that netted my company an extra 20k a month or close to a quarter million dollars the first year.

So if you are one of the 30 people who qualify it is an event like no other. Trust me I have been to them all.

6 Jeremy Schoemaker

Is that you mom? Just kidding

See you at this years event Jay.

7 Georgie

Do you mind me asking for your company URL Jay?

8 Jay

sure babyage.com

9 Jeremy Schoemaker

Hey Georgie I know the pricetag can seem like a lot.

When you come to the event you will see we don’t make much off of it. Just ask past attendees =P. We go FULL OUT!

10 Lou

Are you going to be giving a discount to those that are on the mailing list again?

11 Jeremy Schoemaker

Maybe =P.

12 Julian Hooks

See you at Elite Retreat 10… by next year I’ll be sure to have value to add to the group!

13 Luke Hansen

good cool post

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