How to keep your starcraft bank files in sync with multiple computers

One issue with Custom Maps in Starcraft 2 is that they use bank files to store your progress on your computer.

The reason this sucks is that if you play on multiple computers you always are starting over.

I play on like 4 different computers. My office, home, laptop, and my wifes desktop. It sucks starting over every time.

At first I started emailing myself the bank file but that kind of sucked cause everytime I played on every computer I would have to re send it to myself.

Today I figured out how to keep them all in sync with me having to do nothing. You must have a bit of technical skill though and a dropbox account.

Go get one now if you dont have it already.

Ok so step one is locate your bank file for the game you want to play.

On MacOSX bank files are located in (or are close to) :

/Users/(your user name)/Library/Application Support/Blizzard/StarCraft II/Accounts/(your account id)/1-S2-1-1005009/Banks/

On Windows (I am not a windows user) this is what I can find where your files are located:

(your username)\Documents\StarCraft II\Accounts\(your account id)\Banks\

So here is what you do.

  1. Put your most up to date bank file in your dropbox folder.
  2. Open up terminal (on macosx) and change directory to where that file is located.
  3. Remove the file from your local computer.
  4. Make a symbolic link to the file which makes the software that accesses it think its the real file but your pointing it to your dropbox one. The way to do this on the MacOSX is ln -s /Users/(your user name)/Dropbox/yourfilename ./ If you did not change to the directory your file was then you will need to put that entire directory in there.

Thats it! Do this on each computer you play on and ALL files on ALL computers that you pay on will auto updated. Its awesome.

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