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The other day we talked about our new favorite link service – GetLinksPro. It really rocks and unlike most SEO services its a self service platform. They do a great job, very quickly fulfilling your order with high quality backlinks that give you great results.

We have gotten such great feedback from our readers that I reached out to them to see if we could get a special discount for people.

Well good news! They agreed and for the first 50 people who use code ShoeMoney and you will receive a flat 10% off of ALL services.

So goto GetLinksPro and get in on this special today!

10 thoughts on “Get 10% off of GetLinksPro

      1. ken savage

        I think this was just another paid post by a company that Jeremy endorses cause they pay him. Good for him for getting like $4k or something per paid post.

  1. Kiko Cherman

    I bought the 100 dofollow links for 81 bucks… is that the one you recommend Shoe?

  2. Tom Larkin

    First time I have had a bad experience with a Shoemoney recommend. From broken shopping cart to dead links on “im online chat” button. One week so far and I have heard nothing from them. Hmmmmmmm

  3. Nate Friedman

    Word of warning– I purchased their 20 blog comments. The unpublished fine print is that you are buying comments and submissions, NOT published links.

    Their performance was very poor IMHO: 4/20 were published. 3 were do follow / 1 no follow.

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