@danawhite and the UFC Vs Anonymous

If you read this blog much you know I am a HUGE fan of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship).

A month or so ago their website was hacked by a group called Anonymous. They defaced the website with some message.

The whole thing was over UFC’s President Dana White’s position supporting SOPA.

Dana responded harshly daring the hacking group Anonymous to try it again. A couple days later the group released his cell phone number, social security number, address and other stuff. Or atleast they thought it was his… it turned out to be his dad’s – Dana White Sr. It was later discovered by authorities that that information was found because someone had access to a Lexus Nexus terminal.

Dana White continued his stance against the hacking group saying he was coming for them.

Here is an actual quote from UFC President Dana White after the group released his fathers info:

“All these hackers and all these guys that want to act f*****g cool and think they’re f*****g funny, you guys just flipped the switch and believe me I have a lot more information on what’s going on than you do,” said White. This bill that was looking like it was going to be dead, you may have brought it back to life.”

Finally adding: “I’m not afraid of you, you don’t f*****g scare me, you come in and do your thing, you don’t scare me.”

Honestly I was blown away by the balls on Dana.

This was pretty crazy. Nobody had ever taken down the group before. Usually companies cower and roll over to the hacking group.

When I was talking to Chuck Liddell (UFC Fighter) he was telling me, “You don’t understand Dana. He is a tough kid from the streets of Boston. Hes coming for them and he has a ton of money at his disposal to hire people to find those punk kids.

I gotta say it was pretty funny to see Dana White respond on twitter to the Anonymous hackers.

Here you have the president of a billion dollar company going to war with a bunch of hackers.

For example:

How LOL is that…

Well today 25 suspects have been arrested in the case from 6 different companies around the world.