Now Powered By Thesis (and why I switched)

Since 2007 I have not designed hardly any part of the blog myself. Its not that I did not like what others have done but over the years its kind of been hacked away by lots of people.

I had played with the Thesis theme before and have wanted to implement it on for a long time but we have so much custom stuff like the marketplace, photo gallery, deadbeat section and other stuff that the thought of trying to get all of that to work within the Thesis framework I thought would be a nightmare (how is that for a run on sentence).

About 2 weeks ago on a Friday night I decided to just go for it. I completely designed 100% of the blog portion in about 3 hours. Really surprising.

Thesis has an amazing backend interface that allows you to rapidly make a great looking site in a very short amount of time.

Long story short I am super happy with the way the blog looks now.

  • The fonts and readability is awesome.
  • Thesis takes care of everything SEO wise that I feel matters right out of the box.
  • The site has never been faster. During development I turned off all caching and the site was actually faster under thesis then with wordpress + super cache + CDN stuff. I will reimplement all that stuff when I am done designing though.

Over all I have really happy with it.  Thesis has a bit of a learning curve but everything is EXTREMELY well documented.  Every time I hit a wall I would just google my issue and instantly got my answer.

I made the switch mainly because we are about to implement some pretty big things with the blog and I thought it was time.

The only thing left to do is some final touches on the marketplace and photo gallery.  Now that I am going to be in town for a full week I should have that done this week.

As far as reimplementing Facebook comments its something I have not decided yet.  One of the reasons is I am looking at re implementing the comment contest (its beta testing now so if you win something by commenting its legit).

So anyway I HIGHLY recommend the Thesis theme.

Full Disclosure:  I did get the theme for free a long time ago when it launched for review however I was not paid to write this post and this post also contains no affiliate links.

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