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Now Powered By Thesis (and why I switched)

by Jeremy Schoemaker on February 28, 2012 · 42 comments

Since 2007 I have not designed hardly any part of the blog myself. Its not that I did not like what others have done but over the years its kind of been hacked away by lots of people.

I had played with the Thesis theme before and have wanted to implement it on for a long time but we have so much custom stuff like the marketplace, photo gallery, deadbeat section and other stuff that the thought of trying to get all of that to work within the Thesis framework I thought would be a nightmare (how is that for a run on sentence).

About 2 weeks ago on a Friday night I decided to just go for it. I completely designed 100% of the blog portion in about 3 hours. Really surprising.

Thesis has an amazing backend interface that allows you to rapidly make a great looking site in a very short amount of time.

Long story short I am super happy with the way the blog looks now.

  • The fonts and readability is awesome.
  • Thesis takes care of everything SEO wise that I feel matters right out of the box.
  • The site has never been faster. During development I turned off all caching and the site was actually faster under thesis then with wordpress + super cache + CDN stuff. I will reimplement all that stuff when I am done designing though.

Over all I have really happy with it.  Thesis has a bit of a learning curve but everything is EXTREMELY well documented.  Every time I hit a wall I would just google my issue and instantly got my answer.

I made the switch mainly because we are about to implement some pretty big things with the blog and I thought it was time.

The only thing left to do is some final touches on the marketplace and photo gallery.  Now that I am going to be in town for a full week I should have that done this week.

As far as reimplementing Facebook comments its something I have not decided yet.  One of the reasons is I am looking at re implementing the comment contest (its beta testing now so if you win something by commenting its legit).

So anyway I HIGHLY recommend the Thesis theme.

Full Disclosure:  I did get the theme for free a long time ago when it launched for review however I was not paid to write this post and this post also contains no affiliate links.

full disclosure

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1 Sam

The new site is looking good. Now just get rid of the standard thesis nav bar and search and you’re golden.

2 Jeremy Schoemaker

haha I kind of like it

3 Sam

You can also add featured post / dynamic content gallery to the home page pretty easily. Let me know if you want any help. I’ve done a few thesis sites and enjoy your posts.

4 Jeremy Schoemaker

Really using Gallery by Menlo sofrware?

5 Harshad

Was the previous theme made using Genesis? Genesis, Thesis and Headway are almost similar but I use & prefer Headway.

6 Jeremy Schoemaker

No just regular wordpress no framework before

7 Chris Wiegman

Nice, it is fast.

What did you come from?

8 netmeg

Re comments – I had all kinds of issues with Facebook comments, am giving Intense Debate a whirl on the next version of my fireworks sites. Think I like those better (they integrate with FB and other stuff) and they look better on a phone too.

9 Bryn Youngblut

I switched to thesis a long time ago and love the simplicity of it. Used a ton of paid/custom themes and probably won’t change it now.

10 Jeremy Schoemaker

Hey Bryn good to hear from you. I am still learning it. Looking forward to the next version.

11 Edgar

I prefer the Genesis theme frame work.

Also, why would you implement the Facebook comments, when you had it No one commented. We’re still waiting for your comment case study.

12 Jeremy Schoemaker

Well. Your assumptions are correct… more people comment without it.. but the quality of commentators is a lot less.

13 corey

and it’s an iframe

14 Jeremy Schoemaker

I dunno the iframe is all bad. Comments probably dilute the quality of your content.

15 Ben Cook

Hey Jeremy, one thing I’d recommend you tweak is the default green hover color for the Submit button when commenting. It doesn’t fit the look of your site and is one of the things that people often overlook. It may or may not be a bit of a pet peeve ;)

16 Jeremy Schoemaker

Interesting I will check it out… I never really noticed it.

17 Melvin

Its actually refreshing since all of your past blog design seem to be complex in a sense that there’s a lot of element in it.

But now its kinda odd that this blog looks too simple with Thesis. Maybe I’m just used to with your old design. :-)

18 Derek

I’ve been a long time fan of Thesis and think I have one of the slickest Thesis designs that I’ve seen (but admittedly I am biased, ha). The only thing that might be better than your choice to go with Thesis is axing the Facebook comments, not a fan at all but I can see your point about the quality of comments.

19 Justin Anfinson dot Com

From what I’ve seen, Thesis looks great. One thing I haven’t found much info on is if it plays well with Buddypress. Anyone know?

Site is looking good by the way!

20 Tester Joe

Hey – not to be overly critical but I just noticed that the gallery seems to be busted – I get – “No input file specified”

21 Anna Lopez

I think it looks great and better, and you just give me an idea of trying it for my blog too, it may not be that easy but having a personal touch on my blog designs is really interesting.

LowkeyMedia Marketing Team

22 Simon

Soothing and attractive theme,

Thumbs Up!

23 cpa marketing blog

yeah your blog looks cool now good work :)

24 Arun Basil Lal

Well, I never been saying anything here. The theme is good and everything, but it looks so stock now. I mean, many people use this thing. Maybe its just me.

25 Dogs

We have a few sites using this theme, and are very pleased with how it performs. It is not only easy to operate for us but it is noticably faster.

26 Jamie Northrup

I’ve been thinking of making the switch to Thesis also for a while, but I’m really happy with the look of my website right now, the reason I want to switch is because I heard it’s much better for SEO, in your opinion, is this true?

27 Jeremy Schoemaker

Its for sure better for SEO out of the box. It also has a lot of options for doing things like 301 redirects and lots of other stuff which a lot of people don’t really know mod_rewrite so that makes it easy

28 Sam the sock puppet

Got to say – you’ve had some really great themes over the years – so this one does seem a little plain.

But if it’s faster, and easier to use/read – I guess that’s what’s really important.

29 Jonathan Stephens

I had a very complicated design on my poker training website and I just changed it to Thesis last month. I’ve not finished my Thesis design yet, but I’ve been happy with the results. I was able to make basic tweaks with the custom CSS editor and the Thesis Open Hook plug in makes changing and moving elements pretty easy.

Good luck with your new theme and I would love to hear any tips or tricks you learn while using Thesis.

30 IamNTB

I recently switched to the Thesis theme. I agree that although there is a learning curve to get the custom look I wanted, the support from the forums and doing general searches provided all the answers and solutions to my issues. I am curious how the framework itself and customization options will change with the 2.0 version. I know there has been a lot of flak on the Thesis forum lately because of the long overdue promised update but as a new user, I am very happy with my investment.

31 Nick Throlson


The website looks awesome & very fast! Also like how your no longer using the facebook comment system.

32 benent

i start thesis theme one week ago,very happy to use it.and i;m waiting the coming 2.0

33 Justin

I’m using Thesis also. I especially love their support forum – I’ve never failed to get a solution to any problem on there!

34 Sam Patwegar

The site definately loads better now. However, your previous design looked much better.

35 Get Websites For Free

Hi, I’ve been thinking of getting Thesis for a while, I’m used to standard WP, did you find the learning curve steep or is it fairly straightforward? The demo looks simple but I am concerned that it could get complicated if you want to do anything out of the ordinary?
Nice clean new design btw!
Shell :)

36 Bradley

Good to see you have moved to the “dark side”

37 Jay Castillo

I just realized I have been using Thesis on my main blog for exactly a year tomorrow (what a coincidence!), and I recently upgraded to a developer’s license so I can also use it for all my other sites.

Your decision to use Thesis made me feel I made the right decision. :-)

Thanks Jeremy!

38 Rob McCance

I’ve been on Thesis since the beginning. Love it and find no reasons to ever change.

39 Alison Moore Smith

I’ve been using Thesis for years, converting all our sites. It’s the theme I use on all my clients’ custom sites and the premium them for expert level bloggers on our network.

Love, love, love it.

40 Jupiter Jim


Thanks for sharing your experiences and insights about the Thesis Theme! I am a huge fan of the Thesis Theme and have created over 75 FREE Video Tutorials on WordPress and the Thesis Theme. I very recently created a video tutorial on Add FB Comments to the Thesis Theme if you are interested! Would love to know what online companies you also run!

Take Care,

Jupiter Jim

41 Ralph

Hi Jeremy,

Could you do a post about the SEO settings for Thesis?
I mean, I also use the plugin of Yoast but not sure if I run both what it does for my site or just Thesis..

Are you able to elaborate on this?

Hope so,


42 medizin

You should take part in a contest for one of the highest quality websites on the internet.

I’m going to recommend this web site!

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