Josh Todd and Mike Guida – Scum Of The Industry

Josh Todd and Mike Guida not to long ago were Affiliate Managers for one of the leading Affiliate Networks – GetAds.

They were pulling down good money and living the dream. If you know GetAds founder George Avery at all you know he is a really great guy and takes care of his people.

Last fall Josh Todd quit GetAds to do his own thing.

But it was not that cut and dried. Mike Guida and Josh had plans for a long time to start their own affiliate network called The Black Tie Network. The plan was to keep Guida in place at GetAds so they could steal affiliates and advertisers over to their own network.

Josh Todd Mike Guida

It took GetAds a while but eventually one of their top affiliates told GetAds that Mike Guida, an affiliate manager at GetAds, solicited them to come over to their Black Tie Network and represented himself AS GetAds

Well immediately Mike was fired from GetAds. A place where his child hood friend, George Avery, hired him many years ago and taught him the industry.

Mike had wiped EVERYTHING from his computer when he was let go.

The next day company founder George Avery took his computer to a forensics company which was able to completely recover all of the contents of the computer. What was revealed was amazing. The evidence was huge against them.

GetAds immediately filed a lawsuit against former affiliate managers Josh Todd and Mike Guida. They also sought out a court injunction which would immediately freeze all bank accounts and stop the rogue affiliate network owned by them to stop doing business.

The next day both Josh and Mike attempted to contact GetAds to throw each other under the bus. Each of them had grand stories about how it was all the others idea.

But from the evidence GetAds had gathered it seemed pretty clear that they were working together and they proceeded.

On Monday they all went to court yesterday the judge granted the injunction ceasing all assets of Josh Todd, Mike Guida, and the Blacktie Affiliate Network.

GetAds proceeds on with the lawsuit seeking attorneys fees, lost revenues and damages to the company.

In my opinion, from what I have seen and been told, the evidence is pretty clear and the lost revenue to GetAds seems pretty sizable.

I fully expect a judgement against Josh Todd and Mike Guida to be in the 7 figure neighborhood.

This sounds like some crazy anomaly though right? Wrong… It happens all the time in this industry. Affiliate Managers get greedy and start their own network…. and fail…

Guess who gets f’d in all this? The affiliates that Josh and Mike conned. They will never get paid. Josh and Mike are scewed in this industry and rightfully so.

Think about how shitty this is. A guy like George Avery takes all the risk starting this company… He takes in people and trusts them and they totally fuck him. Good for him on taking these dirtbags down.

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