Josh Todd and Mike Guida – Scum Of The Industry

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Josh Todd and Mike Guida not to long ago were Affiliate Managers for one of the leading Affiliate Networks – GetAds.

They were pulling down good money and living the dream. If you know GetAds founder George Avery at all you know he is a really great guy and takes care of his people.

Last fall Josh Todd quit GetAds to do his own thing.

But it was not that cut and dried. Mike Guida and Josh had plans for a long time to start their own affiliate network called The Black Tie Network. The plan was to keep Guida in place at GetAds so they could steal affiliates and advertisers over to their own network.

Josh Todd Mike Guida

It took GetAds a while but eventually one of their top affiliates told GetAds that Mike Guida, an affiliate manager at GetAds, solicited them to come over to their Black Tie Network and represented himself AS GetAds

Well immediately Mike was fired from GetAds. A place where his child hood friend, George Avery, hired him many years ago and taught him the industry.

Mike had wiped EVERYTHING from his computer when he was let go.

The next day company founder George Avery took his computer to a forensics company which was able to completely recover all of the contents of the computer. What was revealed was amazing. The evidence was huge against them.

GetAds immediately filed a lawsuit against former affiliate managers Josh Todd and Mike Guida. They also sought out a court injunction which would immediately freeze all bank accounts and stop the rogue affiliate network owned by them to stop doing business.

The next day both Josh and Mike attempted to contact GetAds to throw each other under the bus. Each of them had grand stories about how it was all the others idea.

But from the evidence GetAds had gathered it seemed pretty clear that they were working together and they proceeded.

On Monday they all went to court yesterday the judge granted the injunction ceasing all assets of Josh Todd, Mike Guida, and the Blacktie Affiliate Network.

GetAds proceeds on with the lawsuit seeking attorneys fees, lost revenues and damages to the company.

In my opinion, from what I have seen and been told, the evidence is pretty clear and the lost revenue to GetAds seems pretty sizable.

I fully expect a judgement against Josh Todd and Mike Guida to be in the 7 figure neighborhood.

This sounds like some crazy anomaly though right? Wrong… It happens all the time in this industry. Affiliate Managers get greedy and start their own network…. and fail…

Guess who gets f’d in all this? The affiliates that Josh and Mike conned. They will never get paid. Josh and Mike are scewed in this industry and rightfully so.

Think about how shitty this is. A guy like George Avery takes all the risk starting this company… He takes in people and trusts them and they totally fuck him. Good for him on taking these dirtbags down.

68 thoughts on “Josh Todd and Mike Guida – Scum Of The Industry

  1. Bryn Youngblut

    This is a big shock in my opinion, I viewed Mike as a great and honest guy. I was fortunate not to get caught up in all of this however.

    Getads is still a great network to work with if anyone feels hesitant after reading this.

  2. debo

    The greed of some people…a childhood friendship now ruined by deceit and dishonesty . I’ve met George before and think he’s a real stand-up guy and can say that it was a bad move for these guys to bite from the hand that helped feed them. They look even worse trying to save their asses by throwing the other guy under the bus! You do the crime, you do the time and buck up and it like a man!

  3. jay

    yes Josh Todd tried to recruit me to his network i hope they take every dime from him, as far as mike i dont know him but josh is a dirty mofo

  4. Morgan Thomas

    Wow jeremy I can’t believe it I’m shocked as well. Mike hit me up the other day telling me he was leaving I even tried to help him find another job, josh well no comment there. I liked mike I used to talk to him all the time, I couldn’t believe mike would do something like this. Its not easy starting a network at all I know I tried it, 99% of them fail. People you sign agreements when you work for a network that prevents this, they cover their ass, looks like mike and josh might have to cover theirs now.

    1. Jeremy Schoemaker Post author

      From what I understand GetAds was started after was selling. They were not going to be a part of the sale. So they started their own network (rumored to be partially funded by’s founder) and when they sale didn’t go through they still had their business.

  5. Jack

    It is obvious that the whole industry if filled with backstabbing scum that would buy you a drink one minute and by the time you finished your drink have thrown you under the bus with another affiliate. From what I know George and Pat Avery and GetAds are good guys that actually have ethics and morals. Mike Guida and Josh Todd played with fired and got burned and deserve everything they got. I don’t find it surprising that the came back crying for forgiveness and trying to throw each other under the bus in an attempt to rectify their criminal actions. Couple of bitches in my opinion and maybe you will see them at your neighborhood drive-thu when you pick up your order as I hope they are ruined in the affiliate world.

  6. JP

    LOL we were watching the ‘behind the scenes’ the other day, and at the point Mike comes on screen, i was like ‘dont trust that guy, dont like his eyes’ to my employee.

    I would be SO pissed if i was Avery.

  7. Anthony

    It is out of line to call them scum, dirtbags and the like for wanting to start their own network. There are quite a few networks out there were started by former AMs or employees of other networks. Remember Hydra? Yes it was imprudent for trying to do this while employed by GA, and they totally mishandled it, but this is all very extreme especially if in fact this is how GetAds was founded.

  8. Mr Green

    An early April fools day joke?

    Josh and Mike are two stand up guys. They are not the scum of the industry.

    A lot of affiliate networks have been founded from AMs leaving another network.

    Seriously GetAds?

      1. Mr Green

        Yep the judge said they were in the wrong. I just find it funny how GetsAds started in such a similar fashion.

        1. Matt

          I am curious how did GetAds start in a similar fashion, I searched and searched but can find any references.

        2. JN

          It’s one thing if a Judge agrees… It’s quite another when the defendant chooses to not participate in a clearly ridiculous lawsuit.

          1. Jeremy Schoemaker Post author

            I agree it would be completely idiotic to not participate in a lawsuit you felt was ridiculous and suffer a default judgement. At least they showed up and tried to defend themselves.

        3. Mr. Pink

          GetAds was not created this way. GetAds quit, did not “steal” data. People are allowed to their own businesses. originally, went after GetAds, but now they are friends again and GetAds is 10x larger.

      2. JimmyChooo

        Huh? What has that the judges opinion to do with calling them the scum of the industry, Jeremy?
        Everybody has done shit that a judge could f**ck.. Especially in this industry
        Josh and Mike just happen to get sued for it, others don’t.
        That’s no reason to call them the scum of the industry and what not.

    1. Jack

      Leaving in a professional and ethical way is one thing, attempting to steal accounts and violate employment contracts hardly justifies being stand up guys and points them more toward the scum of our industry.

      1. JimmyChooo

        GetAds AMs took all their relations over to GetAds, I was an advertiser back then and my old CPA Empire AM brought me into GetAds..
        maybe it was fine from a legal point of view due to other circumstances, but you are talking morals, huh?

  9. tCA

    hey jeremy,

    similar thing happened to me. People are shady. I’ll send you an update and the details in a few weeks.

  10. EP

    I have always considered Josh and Mike honest individuals of good caliber. Let’s not be so quick to join the bandwagon to throw them under the bus – we don’t know the details so why speculate. Shoe can update us but no need for everyone to be so quick to judge and call names. This space loves to gang up, point and laugh. GetAds is a great network, and Josh and Mike have never proven themselves to me to be anything other than great individuals. I have never heard another affiliate ever have anything but glowing things about Mike or GetAds, period. I hope everything works out for all parties involved so we can all move on to the next big drama. Tune in next trade show!

  11. YouKnow

    Haha, quick to judge here, are we?

    Tell me…what about the other network owners that started their business with blackhat money, who stole affiliates, who stole offers etc? Oh wait, that’s right…that’s about every network out there, lol. I don’t think this is much worse than scrubbing, stealing traffic and landing pages from affiliates…oh wait, that’s about every network out there as well!

    Oh my, what a world we live in…lol.

  12. DMONEY

    If their affiliate network had something better to offer (different offers that getads didn’t have, etc) then why not let them be? I don’t think what they did was so much of a bad thing… Competition makes the world go round. Besides the part where one of them was still working there… he should of quit his job. This post is a bit too biased as perhaps you’re probably good friends with the owner…

    Affiliate managers do similar shit everyday … snoop through your leaked referrers / steal traffic sources / landers … and then run their own or share with other affiliates. I’m pretty sure most GetAds AM’s do this or have done this as well. So, those that do this… are much worse scum than them… and no one seems to care.

    1. Jeremy Schoemaker Post author

      Hi not sure if you actually comprehended what is written above. These were employees of a company who took the top affiliates from that company and leveraged the relationship with their advertisers to start their own company.

      You try to start a company and have some weasels come in and do this to you and lemme know how it works out for you.

  13. DMONEY

    Yea, I gotcha… thats fucked up. But I’d assume that the smarter / big affiliates would have a little more sense than to deal with some rogue operation like that… and if some did leave … it was their own choices to do so. No one would leave that easily without a good reason… not just for better payouts. Affiliates are not network’s bitches. If their top affiliate guys left that easily… then its a problem on their part also… perhaps they should of treated them a little better.

  14. sean

    I don’t know man it rings a little hollow all of this holy than thou stuff when I just watched your keynote on “doing what others will not do” with the Best Buy story and of course your Wells Fargo story from your ringtone time. I think your point has consistently been to skirt the fine line. You yourself inferred that you thought you were lucky on the BB thing. It must be to what degree they did what they did that has everyone spun up as alot of people solicit former or even current clients when they are leaving on thing to start another. I would call these guys dumb asses that didn’t read their non-compete very well and got a little greedy on seeding their new gig. Would be great to see a copy of the non-compete

  15. Richard

    GetAds was not started by “stealing data.” At first Richter was pissed that we left, but eventually he became friends again with the GetAds people.

  16. Harshad

    Around 3 of my ex affiliate managers have contacted me to join their network after they changed jobs or started their own network. I would never work with such people who have no ethics whatsoever. If they are not loyal and honest to their ex employers how can you trust them with your campaigns and other stuff?

  17. papajohn56

    Thankfully affiliate networks are going the way of the dodo. The middlemen will be weeded out like stock arbitrageurs in the 80s.

  18. Rich

    Funny how out of all networks out there, GetAds is the one that is involved in this – LOL.

    Does anyone know who or what GetAds is? If not, let me explain to you; GetAds is an affiliate network started 2 years ago from all ex-employees at Media Breakaway. Let’s not talk about “stealing affiliates” or “stealing advertisers” these affiliates and advertisers are not out there to be GetAds bitch and want to run with just GetAds.

    Let me clarify for you:
    George Avery, CEO – Previously worked at Media Breakaway
    Pat Avery, COO – Previously worked at Media Breakaway
    Caryn Stoll, CFO – Previously worked at Media Breakaway
    Jamie Stephenson, Vice President – Previously worked at Media Breakaway
    (These are just the “executives” of GetAds, there is many more employees that were stolen from Media Breakaway, but no need to post them all since you get my point).

    The question is now, Jeremy – Why don’t you post “George Avery – Scum of the Industry” for stealing from his friend Scott Richter?

    Btw, I’m only posting this because when GetAds first started, I remember my ex-rep from Media Breakaway referred me and told me to run with GetAds and don’t run with or CPAEmpire at the time anymore.

  19. James Knoll

    I know about another biggy affiliate manager.. who fu3ked up his own company and moved his affiliates to his own affiliate network. Ladies & gentlemen the name is : Fraser MacLachlan.

  20. Groki

    Greed is a scourge on this industry, more money for less work seems to be a dream but it’s a recipe for long term failure. Thanks for posting this Jeremy, it’s a reminder to watch the people you work with (and the data trails they always leave behind).

  21. Jon Fisher

    I think most people start out in the industry with ambitious and good overall intentions. Josh Todd did. But then he became a douche. I’m not surprised by any of this. The Avery brothers, Lou, and everyone else on their crew are good guys. They aren’t perfect, but who is? While none of our opinions mean anything more than just random commentary on all of this nonsense, its pretty cool to see GetAds get some real and seemingly swift justice. Josh Todd deserves to get sued. He deserves to lose his shirt. And he most of all, deserves the negative publicity he’s scoring from this. But it won’t change anything in the industry, so let’s not even go there.

    PS – lulz @Tim – how many spins did you count?
    @Earl – respek + lulz!

  22. Kirk

    We’re about to start an affiliate program for our product and I keep reading everywhere how crummy and untrustworthy most affiliate networks are as I search for information on affiliates. I get the feeling we’re better off soliciting affiliates ourselves and should stay away from affiliate networks.
    Having had only offline affiliates for years some positive info on working with online affiliates would be helpful if anyone has some links. I don’t need “don’t screw them over” we already know that one. However knowing how to keep them from doing it to each other (stealing each others traffic, cookie hijacking,etc) would be nice.
    It sounds like a lot of you have been around this for awhile and some have gotten the shaft before. Seems like a good source to get some “do it right this way” info.

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  26. cpa marketing blog

    I don`t think so this is a biased post , main thing is jermey is an affiliate rite ? An its an affiliate blog , being an affiliate you do have to keep in contact with many affiliate networks , and main thing is support whats good and most importantly discourage fraud , See who is being fucked ?affiliates !!! the point is encourage all legit work all legit networks and discourage fraud and discourage fly by night networks , thats what will save this industry mine your business our source of income , every one is here for money but that does n`t mean you commit fraud , I support maxbounty ,peerfly and ewa on my blog does that means my blog is biased no i support them because they are legit and they are honest .,and they don’t fuck their affiliates .

  27. Tech84

    Saying “Everybody does it” does not make it alright. Stealing information from the company is a breach of security and stealing affiliates and advertisers over to their own network while being being and employer of the company is a total fraud.

  28. Jeremy Schoemaker Post author

    This is why I liked facebook comments cause it made people actually own up to what they say.

    Listen dude… this is a blog… its my blog. If reading this article was your first time here then I would suggest you read more. Or go away and don’t come back… or go away and talk smack about me when you build credibility in the space.

  29. Tim

    The link above (Rebill and Acai) –

    1. Who wants to see that shit? 2. Chrome locked up, had to restart my computer. Aside from that … pretty clever O_o

  30. Earl Grey

    The Facebook comments took a lot away from the site imo.
    Yes it does have pros and cons but part of this entire site is the amusement from the comments and discussion.
    It really is a lot better now even though there are a few dicks posting anon.
    But that anon is part of the amusement.

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