ShoeMoney Best Ideas of 2011

Every year I try to write a post where I try to narrow down the top 10 ideas that I had for this year.   It seems I come up with something about every week and as I look in my Google Docs under the label “Ideas” there is currently over 120 for 2011.

People seem to find value in these so I am happy to share them.  They are just things I came up with that I think would work very well but, following one of the main rules of Shoeintology (focusing on the profitable projects) they have been pushed into the “maybe some day” category of ideas.

 Dream Helmet

This one I think would absolutely crush it and was at the top of my list.  I did not pursue it cause I have no idea how to manufacture it.  But I know how to sell it!

Basically you would create a very comfortable helmet or something that would go over your ears that would be able to sense when you have reached rem sleep.

Once you are at this stage it would use pre recorded, subtle audio that would make you dream about whatever you want.  Travel to a place…  have sex with a super hot red head… whatever your heart desired.  You could also record the messages yourself and have things like for students where they could record themselves studying.

Behind the scenes methodology:  Now that is a great story in theory and follows another Shoeintology rule (we buy products based on what we tell ourselves they will do for us,  not for what they actually will do).  In reality who the hell knows if it works.  I think it would have a placebo effect.   Also like most of the population we don’t remember 97% of their dreams so, who is to say it didn’t work.

I love business models like this… its like religion.  You buy it for how it makes you feel and I am confident that the Dream Helmet will help people feel better in the morning regardless if it works (placebo effect).

Review Exchange

There are tons of “pay for review” websites out there like reviewme and sponsoredposts where you pay to have your blog or site reviewed.

I think the market is ripe for a free site where you can review someones website in the marketplace and you would earn points.  Then once you have points from reviewing other peoples sites you can list your site in the marketplace and your points would be spent by others when they review your site.

There obviously would need to be some controls in place where you would need to prevent people gaming the site or giving crappy reviews.

Sites would also need to be weighted with a score to determine how much they are reviewing other peoples sites… maybe alexa, compete, google pr value to the site.

For instance, if I reviewed someones site it might give me 5 points where someone with no traffic or pr value would be worth maybe 1 point or so…  dunno obviously this would need to be tweaked.

What it sells for

I think there is a need for a site that agregates ebay listings for what items are actually selling for.  This would be really useful for knowing what you can price stuff for locally on craigslist.


Much like review exchange this would be a way people could build lists but, in this case very niche focused.  This concept is actually pretty simple.   For instance, when you opt into my list and confirm the “thank you” page you would point to our system which would fill the page with your thank you content. Then present other people’s lists you could get on that have relavent content.

It would be purely opt in, where you would see what people are offering and check to be opt into other lists.

The more people you refer to others then the more your list would be displayed as the suggested list.

Much like review exchange this would need a user driven feedback system to weight down people who’s list are not giving value but just trying to sell you shit.

I think it is a needed service especially for people just getting started building their email lists.

Learning experience (Failure) of the year – TwitterTrain

Every Thursday night here at ShoeMoney we have our hackathon where we stay until the wee hours until we accomplish something.

Sometimes it is building a site from scratch and sometimes it is just finishing a project or a portion of a project.

A few months ago we started a service called Twitter Train. I thought it was cool because it would connect like users on Twitter and you could follow people who specified similar interests.

Well the train ran for about 48 hours until it was banned by Twitter and derailed.

I still think a service like this is needed… but Twitter hates it.

Anyway those are my best ideas from 2011 that I did not do.  I am confident they are all good ideas and would work well. They are all services I would actually use.