The ACT Post I WAS Going To Make…

We only have about 50 spots left for the Affiliate Cash Tree before classes start next week.

I was going to take the product off the market Monday night but at this rate it will be sold out pretty soon.  As I have said many times I am not looking to do a million dollar product launch.  I want a small group of people to work with.

The only thing that sucks is I wrote this awesome sales copy that answers a lot of questions people had that own websites and businesses and nobody is ever going to see it if we sell out today.

I also added a ton more training for bloggers, business owners, and affiliates (all on separate sessions).

So what the hell…   Honestly I get TON of responses from people who say they learn a ton from watching me work.

So here is my awesome sales post for today.  RAW.

We do have 50 spots available and I just way upped the value with 5 total training sessions so make sure you grab yours now before its sold out.


Dear NAME,

During the live webinar last week I demonstrated how effective the ACT method is for small businesses, bloggers in website owners.  But I did not really go into much detail about why it worked so well.

I could have called this product the blogger cash tree… or the product cash tree…  Or something without cash tree in it that did not sound so cheesy LOL.

We have used the technique with a local dentist, plastic surgeon, a franchise sandwich shop, a real estate agent, and a local gym..  I have also used the Affiliate Cash Tree system on many blogs.  For any site, it works.

The concept is simple:

  • Capture the user when they come to your site
  • Build a relationship with them, as if you were to meet them in public.
  • Gain trust and loyalty with the user.
  • Turn the lead into a customer.

Simple right?  If you  have a graphic designer on staff,  copyrighter and legal team then get after it!!!

But that is just it…   The concept is simple.  The implementation is 95% and most people simply do not have the in house resources or tens of thousands of dollars to hire people to implement it.

*** Begin Sales Pitch***  (notice the use of bold, * bulletpoints, strikethrough, and highlight.  This keeps the reader reading throughout your email)

This is why for you I have put together this package that literally 99% of the work is DONE FOR YOU.

Here is what I have put together for you:

  • My high converting html templates to capture the users
  • My 10 email sequence where you fill in the blanks and let it rip!
  • *All of my legal documents.  These are the legal documents that I use on my own sites and you can plug in your information and your good to go. Must have items for anyone with a web site.
  • Methodology Guide – This guide is basically a complete brain dump which shows you exactly why the formula works every time.  This by itself is a huge value.

I really put together an awesome bonus package in addition to the product to ensure your success. I put together a really awesome bonus package to ensure your success.

When you purchase the affiliate cash tree for $997 you are also going to jump on 2 training calls with me.

 Actually scratch that.   You and I are going to do 5 (FIVE) training calls with unlimited Q&A! 

That’s right.  I am mixing it up to ensure everyone gets the attention they deserve to properly understand and implement the Affiliate Cash Tree  (ACT) method.

  • Call 1: In depth training on the methodology. Followed by Q&A.
  • Call 2:  How business & product sellers can crush it using the ACT method. Followed by Q&A.
  • Call 3: How bloggers can crush it using the ACT method. Followed by Q&A.
  • Call 4: One on one training part 1 –  This is where I check your progress and answer any possible questions you have.  Examples are looking at your site and giving feedback,  seeing your implementation… but really anything.
  • Call 5: One on one training part 2 – A couple weeks later we are going to jump on a call again to see where you are at and again how I can help you.

Participation is optional on the first 3 – but the last 2 are mandatory!

Also don’t forget the items I am shipping to your door:

  • The ShoeMoney System 16 DVD Set plus Home Study Course.
  • The Affiliate Cash Tree methodology guide hard copy (you will get a digital version on request).


You also get a FREE 1 year subscription to ShoeMoney Tools – The most comprehensive set of internet marketing tools on the planet! ($2400 vaue).

Whether invest in the Affiliate Cash Tree or YOU ARE going to be mad!  (catchy attention getting statement)

No matter if you buy this product or not your going to be pissed off.  Either your going to be mad you did not implement this years ago OR you’re just going to miss the boat and watch your competition crush it.   (How’s that for a closer?)

Grab your copy now.  This is an unbelievable value.  This offer is only good until classes begin on November 1st (or when it sells out).

I look forward to working with you,


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