My Facebook Comment Implementation Findings

We implemented Facebook Comments on right before I left for the BlueGlass conference last Sunday.

On Wednesday I made a post about the event and also talked about how we had implemented the comments.

Today I thought I would log into Google Analytics and see what the traffic from Facebook was like:

facebook comments case study

As you can see before I implemented (and even after) I averaged somewhere around 150 referrals from Facebook per day.

But when I made one post with Facebook comments enabled I received over 4,000 visitors…

Here are some other really interesting statistical things:

  • The average user coming from from Facebook stayed for over 2 minutes.
  • My goal tracking went up dramatically meaning the $ value of the user was much higher (tons of more newsletter signups and other stuff).
  • The average user viewed 6 pages.  This is 2x a normal user.

Here are the features I love most about it (besides the traffic):

  • The comments are much cleaner!
  • Good bye comment spam!
  • You can promote top commentators so their comments always go to the bottom.
  • You can ban users so their comments are never shown to anyone but their friends and themselves (nice feature!).

Now as you can see also when I did not make a post for the next 3 days the traffic died down to its normal rate.

But this was a super slow week for me only making one post.  Normally I average 1 post a day at minimum.

But this brings up another thing.  At some point are people going to get pissy to see their friends commenting?  Will they still want to engage?   It can’t be as annoying as seeing your friends planting crops =P.

Its going to be interesting to see how it goes on.  Will keep you updated.