Just Getting Back From BlueGlass TPA

Just got back from the BlueGlass TPA conference. Really unique event. Its the first Conference I have been to (besides Elite Retreat) since Affiliate Summit West last January.

BlueGlass really does it up right. All the events, food, and atmosphere was awesome. I heard some people had a lot of fun out late enjoying the nightlife until the sun came up but I wouldn’t know anything about that..

There is a full recap of our TPA session here. Props to Amanda Milligan from BlueGlass for taking awesome notes and having it up… in like… no time.

Anyway there has been some significant changes to the blog. We dropped wordpress comments all together and implemented Facebook ones. Our wordpress comments were approaching 1,000 every day and moderating them was turning into a full time job for my assistant.

So I pulled the trigger and implemented the Facebook ones.

Now I know SEO monkeys are like… well you just lost tons of content and now your pages are not fresh anymore… blah blah….

We will see.

I predict my quality of traffic will only increase. Not even mentioning the value of having real people commenting.