11 Zombie Survival Rules for Internet Marketing

1. Cardio. Like outrunning a Zombie an Internet Marketer must be willing to out run his competitor. You’ve got to be in it for the long haul rather than the short term if you want to make sustained income. Making a living online does not happen overnight. The longer you’re in it the better chance you’ll be successful.


2. Double Tap. It takes at least two shots to safely deal with a Zombie. This is the same when dealing with customers. Just hittiing them with your sales pitch once is not enough. You’ve got to tap them two or more times to get their attention or to get them to buy your product. Don’t be fooled into thinking that a person getting your message just once is going to act upon it.


3. Beware of Bathrooms. You are at your most vulnerable to a Zombie when you are in a bathroom. An Internet Marketer can run into the same problem if he becomes comfortable and relaxes for too long. Your competition will catch up to you and you take a chance of becoming lazy. Just because you begin to see success don’t get lazy. Keep testing new things and looking for new places to market your business.


4. Seatbelts. Just like a road paved in Zombies you’ve got to be ready in case of a sudden stop. Your online business is bound to run into obstacles from time to time, just ask a few people about the Google Panda update. Be prepared for sudden stops in traffic or sales. Everything will not always be smooth sailing and you should be prepared.


5. Travel Light. It will be harder to out run a Zombie if you’re carrying more than you can handle. The same is true in Internet Marketing. Don’t take on more than you can handle. Don’t build more websites or sell more products than you can keep up with. If you can’t answer emails, ship products and update your websites you’ll eventually fail. Keep things simple.


6. Don’t Be A Hero. Being a hero when Zombies are around can get you eaten. The same can be said for Internet Marketing. Taking risks when they aren’t needed can drain your budget and your resources. Don’t try untested ideas to make quick cash or because a guru tells you to. Stick to your plan and don’t be a hero.


7. Limber Up. When entering a Zombie zone you’ll want to be as limber as possible to help in your escape. This is the same as being prepared in your Internet Marketing. You’ll want to have everything in order before pushing the “go” button. Make sure everything works and all systems are go. You don’t want to launch a product just to find out you’ve got a broken link somewhere.


8. When In Doubt, Know Your Way Out. Zombies can surprise you so you’ll want to know every exit out of a building. In Internet Marketing you’ll want to know when it’s time to stop something that’s not working or not making a profit. Know ahead of time how you will replace that sale or what product you’ll have as a back up. Look for alternate traffic avenues in case of traffic loss.


9. Buddy System. You can’t always see a Zombie coming from every direction. Having a mentor or buddy in your Internet Marketing business can be a huge help. They can tell you where your business might fail or not do as well. A buddy can be objective to things you may not want to see. A business buddy can also give you advice and tips to help you save time and money.


10. Check The Back Seat. You don’t want to drive off in a car without checking for Zombies in the back seat. In your business you don’t want to start without knowing what things could cause you problems down the road. Research everything about your niche and know who your target audience is. Don’t let an unknown problem sneak up on you when it could have been prevented by checking the back seat. Research is key.


11. Enjoy The Little Things. When fighting Zombies you’ll need to take time and entertain yourself every chance you get. Do the same in your Internet Marketing. Have fun with your business and enjoy all aspects of it. Enjoy getting to know your clients, enjoy testing new ways of selling and new products. If you don’t enjoy your work you won’t wake up happy every morning eager to get started.


Just like dealing with Zombies there are rules that should be followed in Internet Marketing. The most important aspects of doing business online are doing the research, knowing the competition, targeting your audience and having a successful back up plan. If you have all of these rules in order you should be able to enjoy the little things.