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by Jeremy Schoemaker on July 29, 2011 · 78 comments

Textbroker is a marketplace for unique written articles created to your specifications. They have over 60,000 US based freelance writers who can write on just about any topic. Clients use textbroker.com to get custom blog posts, articles, website copy, product descriptions or reviews, newsletters, and much more. They also have a German and French site with native writers.

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Special Note

We decided to test a commenting service who has been dying to pay us to do a review of their services. Like all other items we are asked to review we test them out before putting our name behind it. As you can see below this one did not make the cut. There was 75 comments within 5 minutes of this post going live. At first I started to delete them but then I thought I would leave them and see if you can pick which ones are fake and which ones are real.

full disclosure

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– who has written 2895 posts on ShoeMoney.com.

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of the ShoeMoney Blog, Elite Retreat Internet Conference, & the PAR Program. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 Amazon Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. Jeremy currently lives in Lincoln Nebraska with his wife and 2 daughters.

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1 Susan

It’s nice to see that there are people out there nowadays who will do my homework for me, in a manner of speaking! lol. Getting people to write for me seems to be the best way to use the internet.

2 Daniel


3 Albert

I like that shirt is it really for free? I like how it has no legs. Hey I wonder how much you charge to write posts for my blog? You charge by word or article or what?

4 Rodrigo

A company like Textbroker is great for your business needs. Whether you need a product description or just some filler content for your blog or website, textbroker seems to fit the bill.

5 Blake

I’ve heard a lot about Textbroker but I never really had a chance to take a look at it. From what I heard, I think the site is the perfect place for newbies like me to start web writing.

6 Stephany

This is definitely a great place for upcoming writes and bloggers to showcase their talent so that others can see and comment. It is also cool that it has a french site as well.

7 Martin

I didn’t have a clue how I was going to kick-start my home business until I came here. I make custom jewelry, and I needed people who could write well to talk me up on the net. Worth every penny!

8 Jayda

Textbroker is definitely a wonderful starting place for new freelance/web writer. The starting pay might be low but once you gain experience and improve your writing, the payment will surely rise.

9 Angela

‘Free Shirt Friday’, sounds to be a great idea! Also, read good reviews about ‘text broker’. Looks like an intelligent way of promotion and a cost effective one too.

10 Rory

Any one who needed an article or blog on any subject can approach them. Interesting that they also have German and French freelance writers to do the job.

11 Andres

What do free tshirts have to do with custom written blog articles? Specific examples may promote the business better. It’s currently confusing and doesn’t really SELL what product you are promoting.

12 Ashtyn

Well, I like this t-shirt. It looks durable, easy to wash and also new and does not wrinkle easily.I like also the writing on the front of the t-shirt which looks to me as if they are academic.

13 Vivian

This just doesn’t sound good to me. It sounds like they are a website where you post your blog and ten people who just want to write about stuff write on your blog for you

14 Lorena

This is a wonderful idea. Bringing together so many writers with different voices, experiences, and expertise is an excellent way to get just what the customer wants. I would like to work for them.

15 Manuel

The whole idea behind this company is brillant. I like the idea of bringing together all types of writers with different voices, experiences, and expertises. I would love to work for them.

16 Yuliana

It is a very detailed and well written post. Although the English speaking writers only being US based could lead to contraversy on English topics, and the layout round the image could be remapped.

17 August

This sounds like a deal, people underestimate how useful and convenient it is to be able to get ahold of freelance writers like this. Freelancers can do a lot for you, and make life easier in general.

18 Emerson

Textbroker seems like it would be a great resource for anyone in need of articles for a business or organization. The fact that they are giving away free t-shirts makes the deal even better!

19 Clare

the text brooking.com is doing many works like blog posts,reviews,product descriptions etc they has freelance writers in english,french,german etc so it is very useful to those who want all these work

20 Joanna

I actually enjoy writing articles, but most blogging/article websites are not worth it. Textbroker.com seems to have a better quality website and better quality articles than most other websites.

21 Jaydon

I actually have used Textbroker and I’m really surprised at the high standards the content has. Just like everything else, for the higher quality writers you have to pay more but it’s still a bargain.

22 Maggie

Its a good work. But are they providing the original work? I have no doubts. I don’t know much about this. I have heard about this. An easy way to earn money all i can say.

23 Monica

I have heard lot about text-broker and it’s articles , now it is a nice idea to get a free shirt with the logo printed on the shirt…Thank you for sharing a wonderful chance to me………

24 Tanya

I personally have a textbroker account and I have no complaints except for the pay days. It would be excellent if you could cash out as soon as an article approves instead of having to wait.

25 Everett

Text broker is very much useful to many websites which functions through these content writers or blog writers.I prefer this text broker for my articles as they are genuine and accurate

26 Jaron

I suggest every one to use this text broker as they provide stupendous work and what we exact need.If we rely on them we cannot bother any more.writers are very professional and experienced

27 Juan

Text broker having wide range of freelance writers through out the u.s.They are very much talented and can write any kind of articles or blog posts or reviews of any product.

28 Vaughn

nice picture,good , and cool. his look is cute, he is very learned man. his dress is good
so i like this picture .

29 Billy

Looking for freelance writing sites that will pay you to submit articles? Visit ‘Textbroker’, sign up, write articles, get your articles published and fill your pocket with lots of money.

30 Kaylah

I have been very happily using text broker for a long time now, they helped me add content to my blog. They currently helping me set up foreign language version of my blog by translating back posts

31 Judah

Textbroker -free shirt is an awesome post.Through this we get the idea about market place were the unique written articles as emerged.I like this post.

32 Janessa

I love this shirt! I like how the orange and black contrast so well. The blog post is informative, and straight-forward, which is the best part. I also like the company!

33 Cory

I tried Text Broker last month. They have some really good authors that give you high quality and exclusive content. The rates are affordable. Its perfect for blog posts and product reviews.

34 Alberto

Textbroker is a business willing to pay freelance writers who have exceptional writing qualities than bloggers with no experience. So nowadays Professional bloggers are turning to freelance writing.

35 Callie

Textbroker is a great service, but they should also allow writers from other countries to participate. That will bring variety to the table. And, you know we are in a free open market.

36 Xander

I started using Textbroker last week for some content creation on a few affiliate sites I’ve. I found their service a breeze to use. I got some super quality content in minimal time and minimal cost.

37 Geoffrey

Textbroker is a great platform to earn money by doing what you are passionate about. You need not be a great writer to complete articles here; but the pay is good for quality work.

38 Cyrus

text brooker is a site where 60000 US free lance writers are available. it is very much helpful to those, who want to get blog posts,reviews,descriptions etc, they all can use it is very much helpful

39 Courtney

I just checked text broker now it is awesome and wonderful service they are providing to all the writers around the globe.I also signed in the website and will start writing post for them.

40 Piper

To add multiple moderators, separate the uids by comma without spaces.

If your site has many comments boxes, we strongly recommend you specify a Facebook app id as the administrator (all administrato

41 Cristopher

To be honest let me say one thing.I am an Indian but we are still unaware about sites like this.Most of the people havn’t heard of this.I think these sites should get publicity in third world nations.

42 Max

Anyway, I have used it and I must admit, I was a little skeptical as I have been using other blog comments software in the past. But I was and still am impressed. It is super easy to use, Great Site

43 Dallas

Creating content was time consuming for me. So I hired some writers from outside US, but their grammar was terrible. Then I heard about Textbroker and it solved my problems completely.

44 Emma

Yeah, Textbroker helped me big time, I’m currently number 2 on the first page of google ,& have been there for the last 6 months because of Textbroker as they are doing mybacklink professional work

45 Jaelyn

Thank You guys, after just a few short months of using your services. My traffic ranking went from 10 million something down to a traffic rank of: 4,589,514 for bloh .Your services are great.”

46 Kiana

the services of text broker to their customers is product descriptions,blog posts,articles and reviews.it has 60000 us free lance writers it has services in german and french languages it very helpful

47 Nigel

it is a marketing place, where we can get market to our products by reviews,product descriptions,blog posts and articles.we can increase our products by using of it it had different languages also in

48 Felix

I have been viewing this site , and I think it will be pretty helpful for all those who likes a bit of help with blogging and stuffs . If you are totally newbie to the whole blogosphere ,this is it !

49 Porter

Very attractive , simple , can wear for any occasion . It seems it is affordable to all.Have good quality. people gets impressed at first sight and enjoy to buy.The shade also seems good for teenagers

50 Clifton

Unique thinking! Nowadays freelancing has become the trend for getting a task done. Very cheap and cost economical. I am planning to try one like the one you said! Thanks !

51 Corbin

Are there any specific criteria to be met for each article? And what about the payment modes? Anyways, I find this site interesting and planning to give a try.

52 Jaylyn

The attractive feature of this site is its multi-lingual support. Definitely a must-try one. Please post some more info on sites like this. I love free-lance writing and waiting for more like this.

53 Lindsay

the text brokers offers the uses to all business people to make their business to develop in different ways by products description,reviews and article writing it is available in different languages

54 Olivia

Any company can send a sample of a shirt free of cost . In turn he would take a photo of himself wearing this shirt. This can be used as an advertisement.

55 Brad

Great post. Covers it all. One of the things about the role of textbroker I like is that it has a truth-serum aspect to it. Over time it shows whether this or these are topics you genuinely think ….

56 Corleone Marco

Italy 4ever.-.. usucks

57 Mate Hegedus

whaaaat? lol

58 sean

I don’t understand your special note fully.

“We decided to test a commenting service” is that text broker? or some other commenting service

“As you can see below this one did not make the cut”. unclear on what “one”

All of the comments look fake to me. I almost expected to see a link to some fat-loss scam or dating profile to be embedded in with them.

59 Imagine

Yeah I was wondering if it was text broker also. But I don’t think it is. It is probably unrelated to text broker but it makes text broker look bad because it is kinda confusing and it makes them look like the spammy service.

The only comment that looked real near the top was “Blake” but all of the others were terrible.

60 Christina Zila

Hi, I’m Christina Z from Textbroker. This is our first comment here. We have not posted any other comments to this blog. Because Jeremy chose to wear our shirt and promote us, we don’t see a need to add random comments. I’m happy to respond to anyone with questions about our serivce, of course. :)

61 Snowman

What a joke.

62 Justin Dupre

Nice shirt! I haven’t tried textbroker before but will definitely check them out this time.

63 Seb

I just started using textbroker this week. This Friday T shirt is going to get them a lot of business.

64 Sam the sock puppet

LOL – yes a LOT of these comments are laughable – but i guess you get what you pay for.

65 fas

Did a Robot just hit Shoemoney!

66 Samuel

The logo looks like aladin’s Genius. i like it ;-)

67 Dave

I have seen these retarded comments on some of your other blog posts and wondered what was going on. They are all about the same length and useless content.

68 Lou Sparx

No guys I believe the commenting service is NOT Textbrokers. Shoe, I understand you don’t want to endorse them but it would be helpful for us to know who to avoid :p


69 Shabbir

textbroker just made a BIG mistake or else many of us would have been doing business with them by now. If they can spam here I am sure authors (as they term it on their website) will do the same for their clients as well. :(

70 geomark

Uh, it’s not Textbroker doing the spamming. It is some other paid commenting service. Unfortunate that Textbroker is getting a bad rap from it.

71 activetraffic

we do use their service in Germany and I have to say: GREAT service. really QUICK and GOOD QUALITY as well in most of the orders.

I can just recommend http://www.texbroker.de

Regards from germany

72 Ryan

It should be noted that the writers on Textbroker do an awesome job. I do work as a writer on Textbroker occasionally and also have been an author. Textbroker writers would never post the terrible comments that this post has received!

73 Artur

Maybe someday i try it.

74 Raj

most of the above comments for fake and as they claim i really doubt if they have 60k freelance writers.. digging more about textbroker to know further information..

75 Rodney

Keep Branding yourself my man. I could learn a thing or two from you!

76 Courtney

I would say all of the first ones are fake. Those comments are horrible. As for TextBroker, I will check them out, we use a Content Authority and have great results, but competition is the nature of the beast…

Thanks for the 75 comments, they were fun to scan over!

77 mayline olidan

Hi, I am really happy I’ve found this information. Nowadays bloggers publish just about gossip and internet stuff and this is actually irritating. A good site with exciting content, that’s what I need. Thanks for making this website, and I will be visiting again.

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