Russell Rockefeller – Affiliate Stalker

by Jeremy Schoemaker on July 28, 2011 · 74 comments

I come across some very strange people from time to time but this Russell Rockefeller guy is up there.

I originally banned this guy from posting in the deadbeat Facebook group. The group (which is integrated on this blog) was created to help people get paid and also warn people from affiliate networks and advertisers who did not pay. The admin’s of the group felt Russell never contributed anything useful and was just trolling so he was banned.

He informed us that he is huge on Facebook and that it was a big mistake to ban him. – Gotcha…

But I guess since that (threat?) didn’t work he decided to go on the offense and threaten legal action. I sent him our attorney’s contact information. Still to this day have never heard anything from his legal council… It’s really strange because this guy is HUGE on the internet and his legal threats were very scary.

Then one day I saw this posted to his thousand friends on his Facebook Wall:

Russell Rockefeller

I appreciate the hate and the link actually. Its nice having a HUGE guy on the internet like this send his adoring fans your way.

I gotta be honest, I am humbled. Who knew that being a reject who’s only contribution has been “showing off my fat ass in t-shirts” would work out so well. Its amazing how tens of thousands of people come here everyday that are into to that.

That is probably a VERY under monetized niche!

Surprisingly though Russel quickly deleted that and sent me a message saying he had cooled off… but then threatening more legal action… eek!

Sidenote: Why do people always mistake this blog as a “news” website. Its a blog… its my blog… and its my opinions. Also page 10 of the deadbeats section isnt exactly “front page” but hey if your listing it on your resume then I guess you can say “as seen on”

Now I gotta tell you this is impressive. Russell is obviously no joke and nobody should question his credibility. He has discovered a way to build a “strong” case against me for slander – Because I posted, in writing, that he was not allowed to post in the deadbeat area anymore.

Now again I don’t possess the legal mind or experience that Russell has but I always thought that Slander was spoken and Libel was written.

But a reject like me, who’s only contribution to the world  is being a fat t-shirt model, shouldn’t question the credibility or knowledge of Russell Rockefeller. Its clear with his thousand Facebook friends that this guy is a force in the affiliate industry.

Now while this really kept me up at night I went back to what I do for a living… eating and sorting through t-shirts to model.

Then all of a sudden started getting messages from my “mass email deployment” friends. Evidently Russell is very well known in the affiliate world… but as I have come to find out, it’s not for the reasons he thinks. People warned me about how he can become infatuated with others.

Just last week Russell, who can’t seem to let go, took time away from his empire to send me another Facebook message:

That is really awesome. I can sleep at night knowing that Russell has finally moved on…

But just hours ago I get a notice on Facebook that he has mentioned me in a comment:

All kidding aside, its one thing to talk smack but its another when someone becomes so infatuated with you that a day does not go by when you have not heard something that the person is doing or plotting with you.

Hopefully Russell is not having visions of raping my naked corpse.

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Shoemoney 1 Where does Russell Live

The dude who claims to be rich millionare, actually lives in a three unit house in the shittiest area.

His wife is missing two teeth and he hits up women claiming he is in an “open relationship” and wants to have threesomes.

Russell Rockefeller
18 Centennial Drive Welland Ontario L3C2M

2 DylanC at

There are all kinds of people who show up on the internet and the affiliate industry from time to time. Just have to know how to deal with it.

3 ThatCrazyWebChick

Sounds like he might be up at night thinking about you in those T-Shirts, lol

Thanks for sharing, I needed a good laugh today!

4 robert

I’ve been reading shoe-money for quite some time. I have to say that i find this blog and the other guys worthless.

Exactly what are you blogging about that improves other peoples lives?

5 Robert is loser

Russ i hope you’re not desperate enough to start writing under different pseudonyms… and i had to say that whoever you are, you are one heluva retard with not a single clue after reading for quite some time…. what a waste you are..

6 Mike Wayne


7 Mike Wayne

Can you say “Single White Affiliate”???? What a nut! Good Luck Shoe!

8 Jonathon Cole

There does need to be more moderation within the deadbeats section, people are being unfairly slandered… And when one emails your staff regarding a post, all they get back is you’re “immume”… Real great service you’re providing this industry Jeremy.

9 Jon

Spoken like someone who has been listed in the deadbeat section. O wait you have!

Why haven’t you responded with legal action to get it removed? Because your guilty?

The deadbeats section is awesome!

I also would like to say thank you for Jeremy cause you KNOW its not in his best interest to do this cause its going to piss off a lot of potential advertisers.

10 Jonathon Cole

Someone made the post under your handle, it didn’t make much sense… Or go into any detail, and you think its real?

11 james

Jonathon your a toolbag. The deadbeat section is a great service. Do you realize you can respond in the comments and post your side of the story?

I hope its NEVER moderated. The day shoe picks and chooses what deadbeats to posts is the day people will stop giving it such credibility.

12 Anna

This coming from someone whose been attacking his competitors all over wickedfyre

13 Jonathon Cole

Anna, it is not really Jon Fisher posting… Someone impersonating him.

14 Aaron

Shoemoney, you make yourself sound like a fifteen year old fighting over comments on Facebook. You think he is bad? Yet you post a blog post about all this saga.

I’d suggest you grow up and sort it out at a personal level.

15 Jonathon Cole


16 Jonathon Cole

And require further screening for the deadbeats section.

17 Jon

hahaha your company gets listed as a deadbeat and you can’t get it removed cause its legit….. now you spam thats epic

18 Jim

Shoe I love you sharing your experiences with real people. If more people did these kinds of things we would have less garbage in our industry.

19 Anna

Aaron you haven’t had him stalk you, stalk your friends.

20 Pawel Reszka

I have seen that guy’s comments before on some of your posts. The one he posted on your previous post tells a lot about who he really is LOL

Well, at least he made it to the shitlist :)

21 Josh Goins

Just take it down man, Problem solved.

22 Anna

Russell is a very sick guy who has been harassing me for months. He asks me for photos naked. Emails me. Aims me. I don’t even live in the US of A.

People like Russell are seriously ill.

23 Ali

I call bullshit on that one-

24 Jon Fisher

This is getting annoying… Jeremy, can you please remove those posts made to look like me. They can’t even use proper fuckin grammar dude. Ban the fucker already. This is not the first time, and its getting annoying. Why don’t you post the dude’s IP’s and emails? I’d love to know who’s pretending to be me on here. :)

As for the squabble going on here, I could care less. Srsly.

25 netmeg

Funniest thing I’ve seen today.

Oh yea.. and… “Rockefeller” ??


26 Anna

Russell Rockefeller is really Peach Latin! LOL

27 My Awesome Blog

I love good ol’ flame wars like this. I hope neither party really does take legal action, as a good flame war makes me very nostalgic about the excitement of the gold rush days of the Internet.

Flame on! :)

28 Jason

I do think this whole situation was overblown by both you guys. I feel you were unjust to Russel to begin with, but he keeps perpetuating the argument which is making you both petty by continuing to discuss it. Both you guys should squash this and move on to more important issues.

29 Jeremy Schoemaker


Honestly…. do you think this has consumed my life? I have never even responded to him other then to tell him to go f himself. I have not even been online for most of the last 30 days since I blew out my knee.

30 Anna

You’ve mentioned 1000s of people you don’t agree with my dear Schoebunny.
Its opinion. I don’t see them going all over the net threatening you and others.

31 Louise Reading

Brilliant! I LOVE IT!

32 Anna

The drama!!!!

33 Ralph

Anyone who uses the word “ultra” should be slapped… soo 1990′s…

34 Sue McDonald

Sounds like a bit of a lost cause really. Sounds like kids fighting. Sometimes it is much better to be silent as you say you have been.

35 BizzaroMoney

Some sazzy entrepreneur is going to register the BizzaroMoney domain name. Oh wait! I just did! LOL anyone want to buy it or help blog on it? Or… what should I do with it?

36 danandjacob

Blog’s are supposed to be funny, controversial and opinionated. It’s what makes the internet world go-round. I am enjoying the fact that you are broadcasting the saga to entertain those of us that come here to be entertained. Let the drama ensue. It sounds like his front line is weakening. “I talked to a lawyer… he said it’d be $10,000 to go after you…” ba ha ha

37 Frederik Trovatten

SEO-drama makes me sick…

It’s pathetic to blog about trash-talk between the two of you and post each others personal messages.

Sorry, I simply don’t get it. But hey, grats if this post reach 1st page for his name.. jesus…

38 Cary Bergeron

WOW someone has mommy daddy issues for sure.

I wonder if someone touched his private parts when he was little.

39 Ali

I have no issues with the networks being posted under dead beats, moderated or not- However, I don’t think someone should be posted under the deadbeat section unless they are being accused of not paying… I don’t think a face book argument constitutes blacklisting someone on a blog that tons of other affiliates go to. LUCKILY a lot of people know Russell and know that he is an awesome guy who goes way out of his way to help people out.
@Anna: If someone has been stalking you on the internet why wouldn’t you just block them from contact? Every program you mentioned has the ability to block users… I personally think you’re full of shit.

40 fas

LOL, this guy seriously know how to troll.

41 fas

On a side note, do a Google of Russell Rockefeller and this post comes out right at 1.

42 Phil

Page 4 for ‘fat t shirt model’.

43 Brian

Haha what a loser!

44 TYCP Magazine

He sounds like a certified loon, My initial reaction after reading this post was WTF.

45 Steve C.

Bizaromoney…. Awesome!

46 Vampire Corp.

Some people just need more attention in thier lives, lol.

47 Rodney

Wow some people really dont have a life… I guess he let his last name go to his head!

48 Nickolos

People like Russell are seriously ill.

49 Sean

lol… Russell Rockefeller is a funny guy!!!
All of of us Shoe Money fans should gang up and go kick his ass :)

Don’t forget we got your back Jeremy!

50 emy

Great stuff from you, man. Ive read your stuff before and youre just too fantastic. I love what youve got here, love what youre saying and the way you say it. You make it entertaining and you still manage to keep it smart. I cant wait to read more from you. This is really a great website.

51 I'm not Russell Rockefeller

Seriously, why can’t people keep their fucking mouth shut.

52 Miko

Hahah this guy has to be trolling. Either that or he has some serious problems. This made my day.

53 Russell Rockefeller

Hey Jeremy.
Hardly anyone of value reads your shit anymore. They’re too busy hanging out on my Facebook group. How’s that feel?

54 Russell Rockefeller

Hey look at that my comment is awaiting moderation. I’m sure like all the others it won’t get posted either. Anyway, I see you’re still up to your old tricks with the Josh Todd article and all that. It’s sad that you feel like you have to smear people in order to get anyone to read your blog. When you decide to stop being Getads mouth piece and you want to bury the hatchet I’m fine with it. I would prefer that actually and you’d be welcome to join us, but this post really pisses me off and then I can’t help but stay mad at you. It’s too bad because I’m actually an easy guy to get along with. Opinionated? Yes. Vocal? Yes. As much of a douche as I look like according to this article of yours? Some days but not ALL days. I don’t know exactly how much satisfaction you get out of leaving this post up, but I know it can’t be as satisfying as being a member of the Super Affiliates Facebook Group because it’s very much become the heartbeat of the whole affiliate industry. Six figure deals go down on the group hourly and EVERYONE is participating. Can I be a jerk sometimes? Absolutely. I’m not as bad as you make me out to be and I’m wondering if it’s the same vice versa. I don’t like the smear posts though. You have awesome name recognition. I just don’t see the point of you wanting to ruin your name by involving yourself in so many showdowns. For the record, I used to read your blog all the time. The people who you are preying on are your audience.

55 fiq09

i always make mistake while building my blog. try to prevent it but failed

56 Ryder

Russell is way cooler than you’ll EVER be! :)

57 Saint aka Butter

Is there any other Affiliate Marketing groups on FaceBook other than Super Affiliates /SuperAffiliates?

Russel Rockerfucks group revolves around him, monetization of the group as well as its it’s members, and blatant self promotion of his products shitty products that belong on clickbank.

58 Russell Rockefeller

I don’t publish my actual address on the web for this exact reason. Not to mention I own collectors cars that are quite often targeted by people for theft. As far as my sex life is concerned I don’t believe it is anyone’s business beyond those involved and when you marry someone and have children with them you stick it out with them in sickness and health if they gain weight or lose their hair or teeth or whatever because we all lose our looks and our health eventually.

Shoemoney 59 Looser

Russell, you are pitiful. You are all over Facebook telling girls that you are in an open relationship, then you come on here and put down your wife as losing “hair and teeth.”

Have some respect for your own family and disappear

Shoemoney 60 Looser

Really russell?

Here’s your address:,+Apartment+C+Welland+Ontario&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-a&channel=np&ie=UTF-8&ei=HqrDT9XmI-aeiQL089SvCA&oi=mode_link&cd=3&ved=0CFoQ_AUoAg

You live in an apartment in a multi-family house. No collector cars. You are broke, your wife works in a supermarket.

61 Russell Rockefeller

Jeremy, let’s review your motivation for posting this farticle, I mean aside from the spectacle of it and all the ensuing drama. You failed to mention the reason why you hate me so much is that I called you out for allowing false accusative posts that were made from anonymous Facebook accounts to the “People who don’t pay” group to be posted here on your site with absolutely no moderation or appeal process. In fact, it appeared as though you were hand selecting the wildest and most damaging comments from that group and reprinting them here to maximize their damaging impact regardless if the accusations were true or false. The industry can only assume that you didn’t enjoy being called out and made fun of (bizarromoney) and as a result you’ve built this shrine to me.

62 Brad Green

Heard that Rockefucker hired Sarah DeDiego and is suing Pace Lattin. I hope they annihilate one another. A couple of weeks ago I saw some posts where Rockefucker got into a cat fight with Nicky Cakes and Cakes got pwnd so hard he had to bring Jon from Wickedfire for backup. I miss his Facebook group. That shit made me a lot of money. Popcorn!

63 Russell Rockefeller

Jeremy again, why are you keeping this up? Why are you obsessed with me? It’s obvious that you are in the pockets of GetAds and Pace and because of that you will write whatever they tell you.

Good news however, my site is beating yours. Over 500 new members signed up this month.

As for my personal relationships: fuck off.

64 Russell Stalkafeller

Russell Rockefeller the Stalker has become one of the top memes of the internet. Suddenly thousands of people are using his face to represent stalkers!

This week he’s obsessed with Steve Howe. Last month he was going after the women of Adperio, emailing them that he was in an “open relationship” and a “swinger” and inviting them to his house for beers.

65 Oscar Gonzalez

This post and the the others in the deadbeats section is highly entertaining. Love it Jeremy, keep it up.

66 Lisa

I could care less what the issues were/are as I don’t have the time to read all this nonsense. One question, Why in the hell would make stupid unnecessary comments about the guys wife? Was that really called for?

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