How SEO Link Wheels Work And Why Are They So Effective?

A couple weeks ago I posted a case study profiling one of our affiliates for the ShoeMoney System and how he was able to take his $1,000 investment and turn it into almost $100,00.00 in profit by using a SEO Link Wheels Service.

While the results were fascinating (and still have stood the test of time and google updates) we had a TON of questions from users who had more specifics.

Questions like:

  • What exactly are SEO Link Wheels?
  • How much do SEO Link Wheels Cost?
  • How fast do results happen?

Now if any of you have ever seen a SEO on stage or in any public medium you know how reluctant they are to answer any questions about the “secret sauce” they use to get sites to the top.

But when I pinged SEO Link Wheelers Levi Horowitz was more than happy to jump on for a quick Skype call to answer users questions.

Thanks Levi for the interview and the enlightenment!