How SEO Link Wheels Work And Why Are They So Effective?

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A couple weeks ago I posted a case study profiling one of our affiliates for the ShoeMoney System and how he was able to take his $1,000 investment and turn it into almost $100,00.00 in profit by using a SEO Link Wheels Service.

While the results were fascinating (and still have stood the test of time and google updates) we had a TON of questions from users who had more specifics.

Questions like:

  • What exactly are SEO Link Wheels?
  • How much do SEO Link Wheels Cost?
  • How fast do results happen?

Now if any of you have ever seen a SEO on stage or in any public medium you know how reluctant they are to answer any questions about the “secret sauce” they use to get sites to the top.

But when I pinged SEO Link Wheelers Levi Horowitz was more than happy to jump on for a quick Skype call to answer users questions.

Thanks Levi for the interview and the enlightenment!

39 thoughts on “How SEO Link Wheels Work And Why Are They So Effective?

  1. Safe and Sound Property Inspections

    Hey Guys,

    I know, what the heck is a property inspector doing looking at link wheels? I LOVE the idea and really do want to start applying some of these systems myself.

    The video is awesome and love the split screens.

    Thanks for the info guys and what are you thoughts on link tree’s? instead of wheels?

  2. Mark

    Very interesting indeed. I wonder if their SEO services can also be used for SEO’ing non-English websites, aimed at a local (country specific) market…

  3. Bogdan

    Way too expensive….many other solutions offering even more for a fraction of that fee…

    1. Pawel Reszka

      True, but most of the time they do not submit content manually. They usually blast out an article that was spun like 100 times and that doesn’t provide much value. Higher quality link wheels created by a human will always work better.

  4. Paul B

    Instead of selling the service why not just setup 10,50,100 1000 amazing affiliate sites, pushed to the top with their link wheels and make a killing?

  5. aj

    What kind of sites are you using for site a and site b? Are you creating new blog sites for each industry or do you have general blogs that you use to link from?

  6. Chris Bird

    I enjoyed the content very much, thanks. But the delivery format is all wrong for me. It is basically talking head video – the least effective means of delivering stuff. I want to listen in the car, don’t want a network connection… Having a medium that uses video when the video doesn’t add anything is just wrong.

  7. Jerrod

    Very interesting post. How many different link wheels do they have and IPs? With a variety of clients how do you keep the content relevant for all clients? Any idea of the overhead cost involved?

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  10. Robert Kirk

    Brilliant interview Jeremey, I am wanting to give seolinkwheelers a go, I was getting a popup for a 10% discount which was making me want to try it out, but not getting this now? could you tell me how I get the 10% discount?

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  12. Adam

    Usually when something is “questionable” then it is not something that Google appreciates or something that promotes “fairness” on the net. To me this is just buying links. While not bad or wrong it does not mean that your site’s content is necessarily better than the next ones.
    I would not be surprised at all the bigger this gets the more attention it will generate from the folks at Google and other Search Engines. And ppl that spent good money on this service will be the ones losing out.
    But I guess it’s fair game for now, will be interesting to see how Goggle deals with this in the future thou.

  13. Bill Berg

    Thanks for insuring me that link wheels are the right way to go. I have been trying these methods for a few months now. My site is slowly climbing in the rankings.

  14. Mitko

    Takes money to make money, and paying a little extra for something that’s guaranteed to be hand written and hand submitted is worth the price.

    If you wanna risk it you can also go on fiverr and hire someone from India or Thailand for 5$ and see where it gets you.

  15. Ken Savage

    Don’t use them anymore. As far as I can see their network of websites has been penalized by Panda which in turn penalizes your websites.

  16. Hair Fall

    Yes SEO link wheels is so effective to increase keywords ranking in google and its true Penguin update little bit effect on it but if we work in correct way like instead fo just create back-links we will update articles about specific interval then its really very useful technique.

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