3 Spots Now Open for er8

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We just had 3 spots open up for Elite Retreat 8 in San Francisco August 10,11,12.

This happens every year. People with disposable income will register and pay… but they barely have a website up. Needless to say we are opening up registrations for the 3 available spots.

I have many resources to help people who are just getting started making money on the internet. This event is not one of them.

The event is only open to 30 people. When you come you will see only 29 other attendes. Its not some scarcity tactic.

Go here to secure your spot now

When we first opened the event, it sold out in mere hours, and I expect these spots to go very fast.

If you want to know more about our industry-leading event, check out:

Go here to sign up now

Please let us know if you have any questions!  I look forward to spending a couple days with you in San Fran next month!

5 thoughts on “3 Spots Now Open for er8

  1. david

    Thank you, for what looks like a personal invitation( People with disposable income will register and pay) for myself, (unemployed! broke, paid shoemoney money newbie member) and my spouse to attend as a quest of Jeremy via my shoemoney account and passionate desire to learn and a must to be able to earn needed income for my family and new employer soon to be neighbor lol Jeremy Schoemaker. I joke this way only because that’s me “To know me is to love me” But as to desire to become the shoemoney all time biggest success story,YOU won’t find anyone who couldn’t be more sincere grateful loyal and hopeful that I may be one of next lives that will be given the attention of your teachers as promise my undivided attention to learn as you did and your investment in me will not be anything less then another life changing success story for your next book, please check with my shoemoney phone contact screener, as to my desire and sincerity and finances needed to become a part of your co. I don’t have a disposable income right now in fact living off unemployment comp. 401k all but finished enough left for 2 airfares to san fran, so please advise as to the meaning of this e mail please asap, Thank you, David p.s. until then i’ll keep reading learing and plugging along !!!
    – Show quo

    1. david

      please see e-mail’s & reply;s sent for full understanding and also so that you will know i am very serious and not some nut just a 51 year old recently unemployed member with passion and desire to master the skills needed to succeed as Mr.Shoemaker did I only joke because that’s me, and to get your attention because I am sure my e commerce skills won’t ! YET lol

  2. Axel Jack Metayer

    See you Next Week. Let’s have Fun in SFO! The One on One Sessions will Be great!

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