What Marketers Can Learn From The Green Lantern

Yesterday my wife and I went to go see The Green Lantern.  Green Lantern was always my favorite super hero. I never read the comic books but I watched the Justice League of America religiously… So I didn’t really know the backstory. All I knew is he could make his ring form anything he wanted in front of him.

Why would you want to be any other superhero limited in powers…. Green Lantern can make a gun or maybe even a superman or money or a hot chick whatever limitless. Green Lantern rules.

What I didn’t know about Green Lantern is that his ring gets its juice from other peoples will. In this movie he goes up against a monster that gets his power from other peoples fear and kills them.

I don’t want to ruin the movie so I will stop there.

I could not help but think about how everyone I know that is successful has an iron will and while they like to always challenge themselves with new things, they are fearless.

Willpower is an amazingly powerful thing.  Some people could determine my willpower as cockyness.  I just know I will always figure out a way to win.

I am not afraid to stick my pecker out.

Maybe because I have hit rock bottom before in my life that I know that even in lives worst moments I have and can find a way to survive.

Wills can be broken though.

This industry is filled with broken wills.

I think there are several reasons for this:

  • People follow exactly what others are doing – Exhibit A:  John Chow’s I make money by telling people how to make money online. Have you seen any make money online blogs from people who actually don’t make money?  Yea… When was the last time they were updated?  5 posts in a year?  No posts in years? Broken will.
  • People try to get started but give up very easily – Someone just bought the latest “Overnight Riches” info product and when it didn’t plant a money tree in their back yard.  Now don’t get me wrong I have met a LOT of people at events who purchased a $97 ebook (I have spent probably 50k on info products myself) but the one who really dedicate themselves to it are few and far between.  Broken wills.
  • People find something hot… then it dies – In 2004 a passion project working in my spare time out of my house turned into a multimillion dollar company.  I literally tripped over a rock and fell into a hole filled with money.  All thanks to a phone call from a Google AdSense rep telling me I should place AdSense on my site.   But I never believed it was going to last and quickly leveraged it to the next thing.  Now 6 years later I have several companies.  But a lot of people will blow all there cash on hookers, blow, cars, etc…  Then they don’t know what to do.   Will is broken.

There is probably a ton more reasons peoples will to make money on the internet gets broken.

The sad thing is what become of these people.  Most of them become HATEFUL at people who are successful.  Show me the biggest haters on the internet and I will show you a guy who either tried and failed or was successful and eventually failed.

Lots of times broken wills = hate for those who do have the will power.

Just like with Green Lantern who had the will to win many other Green Lanterns had failed because they lacked the will and succumed to fear.

Hows your will?


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