How to Turn $1000 into $100,000 in 1 year with SEO

Recently I have done a couple webinars about SEO from my experience.  From the feedback people really seemed to have really liked them.


During the first one someone asked about “LinkWheels” and what I thought of them.  I said that my only experience with them is when we hired a company called SeolinkWheelers to do Davids dads travel website.

To our surprise they not only got him to #1 for all its competitive terms but its stuck for almost 2 years now.  Even with all these Google shakeups his site is still crushing it.  They are very important keywords to him and its increased his business 10 fold.

Now while we were happy to talk in generality about how well the site did, we didn’t really want to share the website URL at the time…

When I mention very effective ways to get solid SEO rankings and show exact sites and keywords they have a way of… ehh… disappearing from google.

Remember my video about not making Google look stupid? Yea…

Funny A.D.D. Sidenote – The last time I was at Google one of their search engine engineers told me how they all watched that video and how (off the record) right on it was.  ShoeMoney +1.

Now you might have heard of a Video training program we launched a while back called the ShoeMoney System.  The affiliate program has really gone strong  and to date we have paid out over 1.5 million dollars in affiliate commissions.

We don’t accept many affiliates and thanks to HasOffers bad ass affiliate software (free btw) we can tie in everything from refunds and chargebacks down to the affiliate network and even the sub affiliate level.

One of our affiliates in particular was doing a large percentage of our volume and having the lowest refund rate and the highest ECPC ($10-$15 PER CLICK)  out of any affiliate I reached out to him to see what was up.

His name was Andrew Wise and he pointed me to his page here.

Ill be dammed if he wasn’t the guy that was outranking OUR OWN SHOEMONEYSYSTEM.COM with his “review site”.

I mean… we had the exact keyword match and thousands of links with ShoeMoney System in the anchor text.
Google right now for ShoeMoney System and ShoeMoney System Review and look for your self.

Now before people freak out I have given some users written permission to use our trademark in their domain under certain conditions.

But not only was Andrew ranking for ShoeMoney System he also has 2 of the top 10 ranks for Shoemoney by itself.

Some of you might remember my challenge years ago to see who could rank the highest for ShoeMoney?

May of the worlds top SEO’s and Black Hats participated but not 1 was able to crack the top ten.

So to me this was really impressive.

So I asked Andrew if:

  1. I could share his success with our affiliate program.
  2. If he would not mind that I talked about how he did it.

He agreed to the first part… but also agreed with the 2nd part.

So without giving out an exact dollar amount I can tell you Andrew is almost at $100,000.00 in ShoeMoney System commissions from our affiliate network. (results VERY not typical).

He revealed also to me that he did it also 100% using SeoLinkWheelers and had spent less than $1,000.00 getting his site to #1 for all the competitive terms he wanted.

Ironic the same company the same company that  we hired to get Davids dad site to #1 for all his competitive terms was also as effective for something this hard to rank for.

So here you go.  Another case study from experience.  A real way that a kid took 1,000 and turned it into almost $100,000.00 in less than one year.

AND something you wont see everyday… a SEO sharing real websites and techinques.

So Thanks Andrew for sharing.

Now if I can only get someone from SeoLinkWheelers on a webinar or something to explain why their link building techniques stand the test of time when all these other fly by night services are getting nuked with every Google update that would be great.

If you have any experiences with SeoLinkWheels please comment below.

Full disclosure: Andrew not only made a lot of money but also made my company a lot of money as our top affiliate. Andrew also works for SEO linkwheelers.