How to Turn $1000 into $100,000 in 1 year with SEO

by Jeremy Schoemaker on June 16, 2011 · 55 comments

Recently I have done a couple webinars about SEO from my experience.  From the feedback people really seemed to have really liked them.


During the first one someone asked about “LinkWheels” and what I thought of them.  I said that my only experience with them is when we hired a company called SeolinkWheelers to do Davids dads travel website.

To our surprise they not only got him to #1 for all its competitive terms but its stuck for almost 2 years now.  Even with all these Google shakeups his site is still crushing it.  They are very important keywords to him and its increased his business 10 fold.

Now while we were happy to talk in generality about how well the site did, we didn’t really want to share the website URL at the time…

When I mention very effective ways to get solid SEO rankings and show exact sites and keywords they have a way of… ehh… disappearing from google.

Remember my video about not making Google look stupid? Yea…

Funny A.D.D. Sidenote – The last time I was at Google one of their search engine engineers told me how they all watched that video and how (off the record) right on it was.  ShoeMoney +1.

Now you might have heard of a Video training program we launched a while back called the ShoeMoney System.  The affiliate program has really gone strong  and to date we have paid out over 1.5 million dollars in affiliate commissions.

We don’t accept many affiliates and thanks to HasOffers bad ass affiliate software (free btw) we can tie in everything from refunds and chargebacks down to the affiliate network and even the sub affiliate level.

One of our affiliates in particular was doing a large percentage of our volume and having the lowest refund rate and the highest ECPC ($10-$15 PER CLICK)  out of any affiliate I reached out to him to see what was up.

His name was Andrew Wise and he pointed me to his page here.

Ill be dammed if he wasn’t the guy that was outranking OUR OWN SHOEMONEYSYSTEM.COM with his “review site”.

I mean… we had the exact keyword match and thousands of links with ShoeMoney System in the anchor text.
Google right now for ShoeMoney System and ShoeMoney System Review and look for your self.

Now before people freak out I have given some users written permission to use our trademark in their domain under certain conditions.

But not only was Andrew ranking for ShoeMoney System he also has 2 of the top 10 ranks for Shoemoney by itself.

Some of you might remember my challenge years ago to see who could rank the highest for ShoeMoney?

May of the worlds top SEO’s and Black Hats participated but not 1 was able to crack the top ten.

So to me this was really impressive.

So I asked Andrew if:

  1. I could share his success with our affiliate program.
  2. If he would not mind that I talked about how he did it.

He agreed to the first part… but also agreed with the 2nd part.

So without giving out an exact dollar amount I can tell you Andrew is almost at $100,000.00 in ShoeMoney System commissions from our affiliate network. (results VERY not typical).

He revealed also to me that he did it also 100% using SeoLinkWheelers and had spent less than $1,000.00 getting his site to #1 for all the competitive terms he wanted.

Ironic the same company the same company that  we hired to get Davids dad site to #1 for all his competitive terms was also as effective for something this hard to rank for.

So here you go.  Another case study from experience.  A real way that a kid took 1,000 and turned it into almost $100,000.00 in less than one year.

AND something you wont see everyday… a SEO sharing real websites and techinques.

So Thanks Andrew for sharing.

Now if I can only get someone from SeoLinkWheelers on a webinar or something to explain why their link building techniques stand the test of time when all these other fly by night services are getting nuked with every Google update that would be great.

If you have any experiences with SeoLinkWheels please comment below.

Full disclosure: Andrew not only made a lot of money but also made my company a lot of money as our top affiliate. Andrew also works for SEO linkwheelers.

full disclosure

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1 Jeremy

I can also personally vouch for Andrew and his services from SeoLinkWheelers. He was able to help us gain top rankings for our #1 keyword “website brokers.” Regardless of any conflict of interest mentioned in these comments, and any rumours that may be floating around, numbers dont lie!
Andrew and SeoLinkwheelers have proven their worth, and there is no question that their methods work, as I have experienced this first hand…

2 Merudh

What SEOLinkWheelers does is natural to the search engines. The goal of any SEO strategy is to look natural to the search engines. That’s why using “fly by night operations” does not work, because they focus on quantity not quality.

SEO Link WHeelers focuses on content. You can do all this without them… just gotta know how ;)

3 Jeremy Schoemaker

no doubt and that is a good point. If you have the time you can absolutely do this yourself. But as you can see from the results of my shoemoney contest even the best SEO’s in the world could not compete.

4 Ron

Admin Edit: quit spamming the first comment with different names and sites……

5 Jenhuei

Hi Jeremy, thanks for this post. A quick question – If following this technique by getting the services of SEOLinkWheeler, what’s the best way to monetize the traffic? If via Adsense I guess I would need to rank for a keyword with at least 25,000 exact search per month to make $1,000 per month? If by investing $664 can help to make $1,000 per month then it’s the best valued service I guess… ;)

6 Jeremy Schoemaker

Well in this case study Andrew was an affiliate. I think affiliate marketing is your best bet

7 searchbrat

I am confused by the above. Webinar sounds interesting from Andrew Wise if he is going to go through his link wheel process. But he owns SEOLinkWheelers, it would seem you don’t know that ??? Which is odd as it’s written on his own site:

“Now, I am in the process of building more businesses: SEO Link Wheelers, an SEO firm that has more than 500+ clients.”

so is Andrew going to give a webinar on the process his company SEO Link Wheelers use or how he used his own company to rank 1.

Am I just reading your post wrong ??

8 Uhmm

Seems like a little conflict of interest here. Dude uses his own SEO company to out rank Shoemoney to make a pile of commissions. Now Shoemoney is promoting him and his company to make back the commissions he had to pay out! Interesting!

9 searchrbat

Yeah, I just find it odd he doesn’t mention Andrew owns SEOLinkWheelers and doesn’t
mention he is getting $$ by sending people over there.
I am interested in how Andrew builds Link Wheels though.

10 Uhmm

Hey Shoemoney, what do you have to say about this? I see you commenting on other comments, but you skipped this one.

11 Alvin Phang

What’s the problem with you guys… you like to talk negative of what Jeremy is sharing .

I mean who else normally has the balls to share their success case studies online and invite more competitions :P So what if he owns the company , so what if Jeremy makes money from referring people to use the service.. Jeremy is an affiliate marketer anyway.. that’s his natural to sell stuff by recommending services to you guys with case study!

if you guys are so called “caring readers” why hide your names and website … erm.. I wonder why..

12 Honolulu Breast Implants

I don’t understand why Shoe doesn’t answer these questions? Shoemoney
help us out?

13 Jeremy Schoemaker

Yes you are correct. Sorry I thought I spelled this out. He was our top affiliate and yes he made us a lot of money. Yes he used link wheels to do it where he works at.

Sorry if it was confusing. I have corrected the post.

14 Doug

Does anyone have experience with SENuke or other automated link wheel techniques? Can they be effective?

15 Jeremy Schoemaker

from what I have heard SENuke is trash. I would like to see them have the balls to post a true case study like this

16 fas

Is it natural to have so many links in just 1 months time?

17 Lyndsy Simon

That’s the point behind link wheels – if you have 6 sites that you’re working to SEO, then link them to your content – you only have 6 first-level backlinks. I don’t believe that second-level links impact link velocity.

18 fas

You mean internal linking?

19 Erik

The shoemaker has no shoes. If you go to their home page you will notice the title tage is “home”, not very impressive for an SEO firm. Even the company name would be better than home, this is SEO 101 and leaves me wondering if they understand the over all picture regarding SEO.

20 Leo

You can make blank pages rank for terms as long they have valid backlinks. Tested it out myself. Of course, not for competitive terms, but you can still make it.

21 Oximeter

whats the travel site if you dont mind telling us….I just signup up thanks for the 10% off discount im going to give them a shot.

22 David Polykoff

No personal experience with SEOlinkwheels here. But from the sound of it, it doesn’t seem like a bad gig to look in to.

Looks like they can certainly hold their own after all the Panda updates as well.

23 Andrew

Thanks for the article, very interesting. It always looks so easy on paper and it is so difficult to make it in real life.

24 Ed

Jeremy, did you remove the post about Dave’s dad travel website you did a while back?

25 jehzlau

Whoa! This makes me wanna join your affiliate network too. :D

26 Mate Hegedus

Hey Jeremy,

I was wondering if you could do a tutorial where you show what seo link wheelers actually do. Which websites to they post to? How do they link?

It would be extremely useful to guys like me who cannot yet afford to outsource.

27 Leo

Do you think that they should? that is the reason they make tons of cash, because they don’t reveal their secrets.

28 Rob

Do a search on YouTube. Linkwheels are explained very well there.
I like the idea of outsourcing this process. Just wondering a bit more about the content. In short, we give the keywords and you provide the content and do the submitting, creating, etc? If so, it would seem to be a great resource.

29 Tropical Beach Decor

Interesting thanks. Content still seems to be king.

30 Andre

You say he spent $1000 on SEOLinkWheelers, but he is part of the SEOLinkWheelers company so who hows much money it would take for someone not affiliated with SEOLinkWheelers to have the same success on similarly competitive keywords.
Since Andrew is a part of the SEOLinkWheelers company he has a strong incentive to make it seem inexpensive to rank high for such difficult Keywords.

31 jack

well is really amazing but can shoemoney help me make a living in nigeria pls mail me

32 Black Hat Domainer

Thanks for informing us link wheels will soon die.
That’s the only reason I see for spilling the beans just for some affiliate bucks.
The fountain has run dry.

33 Sugicloud

Hi, I am one of your blog reader, and I always follow your blog post via my Google Reader. Today I’ve noticed that you change your post feed from full to partial. Why would you do that? I mean I know It’s your right to do it but it just bring inconvenience to some reader (like me) :D

34 Pawel Reszka

I don’t blame Shoe for doing that. I don’t offer full posts in my feeds either because of scraper sites that steal it and then outrank you with the content you wrote while Google is funding them with Adsense revenue LOL

35 Popup Window

Well said ! I’ll soon have $1000 and ‘ll surely try this. Thanks.

36 Pop Sift

Wait a minute… I thought SEO was dead? lol

37 Price India

Cool.. I just checked out SEOlinkwheeler’s Plans!

38 Mahesh Mohan

SEOlinkwheeler’s plans are expensive… We can get the same service from Digital Point for $100 a month…

39 Kishan

You are right….but how much can you trust freelancers? I had a very bad experience with freelancers and we just cant compare a reputed company like seolinkwheelers with them.

40 nanvy @ CRM Software

Need to check SEO link wheelers plans if it makes a difference so much in one year. And I don’t think SEO is dead as its becoming tough day by day and its a long term solutions, so those who can work hard can stay there for a long period,

41 Leo has almost 12,000 thousans backlinks, didnt check where they come from.

Now this page has around 200, all according to yahoo site explorer, that, of course, is not up to date and hides many links as well.

However, if you have SEOspyglass you can have a much better idea of how this guy shapes his backlinking structure.

Cheap?, not at all, private networks where you can place your links and individual links bought from many different sources cost a lot of money as well.

He outranked you because his domain is a PR4 with a lot of link power, and with just a few backlinks to the page itself it was enough.

42 Leo

a little update. The page itself seems to have article directories and web 2.0 dofollow sites. It also has some post reviews from authoritative blogs, these ones might have cost the dude a bit, but in the end, he made lots of monies online correct?.

43 thu cong my nghe vietnam

Superb blog post, I have book marked this internet site so ideally I’ll see much more on this subject in the foreseeable future!

44 Vince Lin

We had used SEO Link Wheelers for a dating site and the results were consistent. However after we used them the competitors also started using services for SEO and now the whole industry has gotten competitive on SEO. You have to keep things going.

45 lance

Thank you that interesting web-site, although i possibly could certainly not discover the rss feed

46 Jock

I know your not a fan of seo show but that is proof that while it is still viable, seo can make you a lot of money. Vince in answer to your question. Seo is an ongoing process.

47 Barb

I got whacked by the Panda personally aswell…

I’ve been looking for ways around the Google Panda update and I conducted a whole bunch of experimenting on my own blogs.
Right here are a few tips to consider:

1) lower the bouncerate on your websites
2) remove/nofollow/noindex thin and low quality pages of content
3) maximize Click Through Rate in the search results (E.g implement crazy call to actions and stuff on your page titles)
4) provide more value on your site (maximize users onpage time)
5) interlink your site with optimized anchor texts
6) make use of a privacy policy, bulletpoints, paragraphs, subtiles, images, address/phone number, SSL, google maps location, contact us, about us etc etc (virtually all “possible” extra quality factors you can think of)
7) Obtain more quality backlinks with effective anchor text variation.

Building backlinks has to be done in a very diverse and consistent way.

Another thing, I am a beta tester of LinkALoha at the moment and I am seeing GREAT results. I know they are going to open several new spots soon, you guys should check it out. Those guys are great

48 link wheel bandit

I don’t create a bunch of remarks, but after browsing through some of the remarks on this page Shoemoney – Skills To Pay The BillsHow to Turn $1000 into $100,000 in 1 year with SEO ShoeMoney Internet Marketing Blog. I actually do have a couple of questions for you if you do not mind. Could it be simply me or does it seem like a few of these comments appear like they are coming from brain dead folks? :-P And, if you are posting at other places, I’d like to keep up with you.
Would you make a list of the complete urls of your shared sites like
your twitter feed, Facebook page or linkedin profile?

49 Ken Savage

Sharing my story with people here post-Penguin/Panda…

SEO Linkwheelers did a great job for me and a few website I ran and sold. But now some of those links are clearly hurting me and their network of sites out there has been penalized from Google. I’ve tried contacting SEOLinkwheelers for a few weeks now and I get NO RESPONSE. Just a heads up to people if you’re thinking of hiring them.

50 Kimberly

Jeremy — the main website is not working. It is a black screen in the middle of the page with half of your book showing on either side. Needs some work. Just an FYI!


51 Host Gator Coupon Code

Hmm it looks like your site ate my first comment (it was super long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I submitted and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying
your blog. I as well am an aspiring blog writer but I’m still new to everything. Do you have any helpful hints for first-time blog writers? I’d genuinely appreciate it.

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