The Gestalt Protocal

When I did my SEO From Experience webinar last week one of the things I referred to was the gestalt protocol.

This is something that I learned in my mid 20’s and have always tried to stick with it.

The basic just of it is that you never tell someone what to do. You instead share a similar experience with them or tell them your experience with a product, person, or service.

In all of these posts/items you will see that instead of doing a PowerPoint telling you what you need to do I share with you my experience on the subject.

I have always had success with this.

If someone asks me how to do something and I have never done it I just tell them I have no experience with that.

What I don’t do is try to act like I am a expert in something I am not.

I don’t mentor people.

I just share my experiences.

Thats it 😉