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When I did my SEO From Experience webinar last week one of the things I referred to was the gestalt protocol.

This is something that I learned in my mid 20’s and have always tried to stick with it.

The basic just of it is that you never tell someone what to do. You instead share a similar experience with them or tell them your experience with a product, person, or service.

In all of these posts/items you will see that instead of doing a PowerPoint telling you what you need to do I share with you my experience on the subject.

I have always had success with this.

If someone asks me how to do something and I have never done it I just tell them I have no experience with that.

What I don’t do is try to act like I am a expert in something I am not.

I don’t mentor people.

I just share my experiences.

Thats it 😉

28 thoughts on “The Gestalt Protocal

  1. TrafficColeman

    Sharing your insight into the world is much better then training to teach all the time. You be be able to touch people in the right way so that they get what their looking for.

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

  2. Harshad

    Listening from someone who already has experience on the topic makes sense. There are people who just have book knowledge and will teach or preach something which they haven’t experienced. A classic example would be make money online blogs from people who don’t make anything online.

  3. Hotdogman

    That method is what good teachers do every day- you probably picked that up from your mom without even realizing it.

    General Patton once said: “Don’t tell people how to do things, tell them what to do and let them surprise you with their results.”

  4. ExSuit

    Sharing your experiences inherently makes you (more of) an expert on the topic. It’s a very good teaching style, essentially giving yourself the social proof (through examples of your experiences), giving more credibility to what you are saying.

    Its also a good way to cover your ass, because you never claim the results will work for others as they did for you!

  5. Stop Survey Calls

    I find that sharing one’s experience is far more better than actually explaining the details of what needs to be done. Reading one’s past experience and working my way from it is a great motivator for me. Shoemoney rocks! :)

  6. Kim

    Great theory — there are way too many “experts” who know nothing. Would prefer to share what I know — just starting to decide where I want to be and what I want to do when I grow up, but I know it will be based on what I’ve experienced.

  7. MWShan

    I think every teacher do this impressive way talking every day. Most of teachers have book knowledge and will teach or preach something which they haven’t experienced. For these teachers i suggest to please forgot the students and make money to another way. Means join a hot money making blog like join it and earn. Thanks.

  8. Manifo

    You’re a great man Jeremy! I prefer to learn from experienced people who have really done the stuff before. that is why i’m trying to be updated with posts on different interesting blogs than participate in courses, classes or whatever 😉 Hope to find many quality and valuable info here.

  9. Micah

    Very cool way of coming under the radar. Kinda automatically makes you the expert without it looking like you’re “trying” to be an expert.Since most people who try end up failing miserably this really makes sense.

    Plus you never get caught talking out of your ass.

    Thanks man!

  10. Aaron

    Shoe – can i just say that your blog is fooked.

    Since your iphone template was added – i get a really messed up iphone design in IE8. It looks great on the iphone – but it’s wrong on my big monitor.

    The site still works fine in safari, chrome, and firefox. It looks like how your blog should — But in IE – the one i use. Its trying to show the iphone design.

    I cannot belive i am the only one using IE on your site – Please put it right soon. :)

  11. BeltwayBoy

    I really liked your presentation last week and this approach to giving a presentation is really intriguing to me. I think it helps the audience to connect with you better b/c you are sharing your experience on a personal level.

  12. Andre

    If i had to pick one, I’d rather be told step by step how to do it. The whole sharing experience thing is just a cop-out for people who don’t want to be held accountable for something that doesn’t work. Or they just don’t want to tell you how to do it for fear of competition or an idea being “stolen”. a combination of how-to and shared experience is best.

  13. Jessica @ Making Money on the Web

    Your post made a lot of sense. I read somewhere today, that people don’t like to be sold to, but love to buy. So using your method would be a lot more useful than blatantly trying to shove our sales pitch down their throat. Personally, I hate going to stores where the sales people “bug” me. I much rather go to a big store and seek someone out if I need assistance. Thanks again for sharing!

    1. Shivani

      you are rite… its better to learn from someone who has already experienced it rather than learning from some one who have only bookish knowledge… :)

      So Dear All share ur experience share your knowledge.. :)


  14. Don Lawrence

    I like this principle. A non demanding, non authoritative, approach for someone to “fill in the blanks” as it applies to their situation. I have always read you should never “tell” anyone anything. If you desire movement of some sort, you should ask and not tell. Gestault is even better. They can just associate without any pleas one way or another.

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