ShoeMoney to Fight Barman At ASW for charity?

After Barman declined to debate me or back up his words at Affiliate Summit West last year, he resorted to talking smack about how he would rather kick my ass or smack me.

Well since hearing that I have been working to accommodate him on that.

So we can do that too. That would actually be more fun.

So here is my proposal to you, big baller, gangster, and all around tough guy.

We will fight at the Xtreme Couture gym during Affiliate Summit West, under UFC rules (basically anything goes besides strikes to the groin and kicks to the head of a downed opponent) that will be guest referred by UFC Hall Of Famer Randy Couture.

We will each put $10,000 on the line and the loser will donate the $10,000 to Randy Couture’s Wounded Warriors Foundation in the winner’s name.

I will not require Barman to make a certain weight. I am well aware he is much larger than I am.

We will stream the event live on pay per view and all the money will go to the Affiliate Marketers Give Back Foundation.

So say you Barman?

To be clear this event is not endorsed by the Affiliate Summit or the UFC.

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