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Maybe You Should Have Given Fatty A Piece

by Jeremy Schoemaker on April 4, 2011 · 59 comments

This past weekend I went back to my home town of Moline, IL for my parents 40th anniversary. My mom was a high school teacher and there was a ton kids who showed up to pay respects to my parents.

One girl who showed up was in my class of 1992. In High School she was totally smoking hot, probably the hottest girl in our class (she still looks good BTW for late 30’s).

Anyway she told me she didn’t use Facebook so I am guessing she will never see this since she isn’t online =P.

Long story short she came up to me and was like, “Hey please don’t take offense to this but in High School you super overweight, total loser who could not hold a job, and really everyone always felt sorry for your mom cause you were always getting in trouble. So what happened? Now you look good, and are very successful from what I hear”.

I looked at her and said, “Well, I got laid”.

She laughed and asked if a lot of chicks who would not have given me the time of day in High School find me online and hit me up.

I told her, “sure”.

She said, “what do you say to them”?

I told her I tell them, “Maybe you should have gave fatty a piece”.

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1 Matt justice

LOL fuckin awesome!

2 Eric

Brilliant post:D

3 Todd Mintz

I’m pretty sure some variant of this applies to many of us in the online marketing space… :.)

4 Geiger

Well, I think you just found the perfect title for your autobiography!

5 Brian Evans

You tell ‘em!

6 Chozen

Ha haaaa, love it. ? We never really out grow High School huh? Fortunately I never had a problem in High School, I was part of the cool crowd. Not bragging or anything but it was what it was.

It’s funny though, never thought I’d be doing what I’m doing now. Can’t wait for my reunion to see how everyone turned out 10 years later, I’m good.

7 Jon

So did you do her?

8 TYCP Magazine

Great story with a perfect ending. They always say that the people who were outsiders, looked at as losers, etc. are the ones who become successful in life, both business & love-wise.

9 Erik


10 Christine

Nice one…

11 Paul Avery

I wouldn’t give it to someone that I was not interested in because I was told that in 10 years they were going to be successful… in fact now (if I were single) I still wouldn’t give it to someone that I was not into because they had money.

12 Robby G

@Paul: Good point. Agreed.

13 Ed

There’s no way your mother was a teacher.

14 Kevin


15 Jonathan Volk


16 Jon Kennelly

Crack me up “Hey please don’t take offense to this but in High School you super overweight…”

17 Julio

Good stuff!

I can’t wait to hear what you would be saying at a class reunion LOL!

18 jackson

Perfect response. High school can be so difficult.

19 Travis

Totally awesome, I was a dork with piss poor grades and no athletic ability, so I just screwed around with computers and became a sw product developer. Most of the jocks are not so jockish anymore. I love going go reunions! :)

20 Rich Gorman

lmfao – the greatest revenge is success!

21 Phoenix

Shoemoney, that is EXACTLY what Ce Lo was singing about in his famous song “F U”
here is the link. edit it out buddy if too racy and I feel ya I was on the other end getting harassed for being a skinny geek.

22 Zack Wenthe

Love it! How was the Quad Cities?

23 Brian P

Yup totally awesome man! Success is even more sweet when people did not respect you back in the day. It makes it all the more sweeter

24 fas

School get togethers can be fun.

25 MicroSourcing

“Hey please don’t take offense to this but in High School you super overweight…” – so you can be a woman in your late 30s and have the tact of a high school student.

26 Peter Joseph

lol, that was brilliant :)

27 Ben

I doubt you get that many girls lol

28 TYCP Magazine

He has a wife & kids, so he doesn’t need any other women. Bam.

29 ZK@Web Marketing Tips

Awesome ..give them what they deserve

30 Radman

Great answer! There are a few I’d love to say that to, but not the ones that…. well, you know what I mean.

31 Fotograf Wroclaw

Spot on with this write-up, I actually suppose this web site wants rather more consideration. I’ll most likely be once more to read way more, thanks for that info.

32 Mike Sprouse

That is awesome.

33 Igre

Nice work done

34 Pedro Sttau

Ah! Touche!

35 George H.

Shoe I absolutely laughed my ass off!!!! And it looks like you get the last laugh. Cool!

36 Stop Survey Calls

Wow, nice story!! I’m sure it would feel more than awesome to meet someone you used to study with and let them know your making millions!! :)

37 Earl

Love that – great story. Someone already posted it – but Cee Lo’s song fits this to a T. You should totally do a mock video with the song – just for fun – haha!

38 Gene


39 Samuel Lavoie

Well done Shoe, for all the geeks that looked like losers before geeks became popular, thanks ;-)

40 camille

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41 marcy

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42 Overweightl Loseweight

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lol, this is a funny post, good on you.

44 Don Lawrence

Who needs the “better than thou” bitches anyway?
They want a piece of “richy” now don’t they?

45 CoeurdAlenechiropractor

U R funny. thats awesome. like high school matters anyway. Good for u!

46 zael

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47 Nick

Epic one liner. I am your biggest fan !

48 Eric Bisson

Nice one! That’s why no one should juged by the way a person look because you’ll never know who they will become in the future. Way to go Shoemoney!

49 Shaqir Hussyin :)

this was fucking EPIC! HAHAHHA!

50 Tony Reyes

I graduated in 1991 from Moline HS. I can identify with the sentiment! I wish you well on your endeavours

51 how to be a don juan

AHHAA. this is a really funny post. Too bad for those people who looked down on you, back when you weren’t in shape and unsuccessful. BOO. they aren’t your real friends.

You are the epitome of this quote, “if you are absent during my struggle, do not expect to be present during my success”

Cheers to you!

52 Dent

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53 Pixelsmithstudios

haha nice one Jeremy,should tell us how the reunion went when it comes! ^^

Shoemoney 54 Jade


55 TradeXL

stupidity here. lolz

56 Brian

All good, right. –> Except you’re still a pretty flabby guy, all things considered. … Why stop at flab… why not go for fit since you’ve already come this far?

Honest question. Answer is…?

57 JB

Very funny moment…about life balancing things out. Thanks for this Post Jeremy!

58 Evan

Ballin…Being an internet marketer is the life!

59 James Briggs

That’s a little silly. You were both being superficial. What did she have going for her besides her looks?

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