How 2 Split Tests Made Me Over $93,000

If you want to know the “secret” to getting rich online, split testing is it.

However, it also might be the most “unsexy” part of the business.  It’s not fun to talk about like traffic or launch videos.  And it’s certainly not something you see any of the gurus teaching.

But if you want to make a bunch of money online, you MUST split test. It’s the biggest difference between the guys who are failing and the guys who are making a boatload of money online.

Split testing is really a “discipline” type thing.  And being a good Ohio boy with good work ethic, I’m pretty committed to testing everything.

So today I wanna open up my playbook and share with you the results of 2 BIG impact split tests I ran for The 31 Day Fat Loss Cure

Add To Cart Button Testing

So the first test I did was with different “Add To Cart” buttons on our site.  Buttons on your site are one of the MOST important things you can test for sales.

My friend, Jon who does all kinds of landing page optimization and conversion tracking for big companies kind of sparked this idea at the last Elite Retreat conference…

He got me thinking about our button and how to make it jump out more, so I got right to it and tested a new brighter button for the site… I also added some text above that says “Claim Your Copy Now”

These 2 little tweaks gave me a 78% increase in sales! Overall the return on this little change has been over $70,000!

Now the point of this is not to use the same button as me – the point is you MUST test all kinds of button colors and shapes if you want to get maximum conversions for your product or offer.

For starters I always recommend testing…

  • big buttons
  • orange buttons
  • eye catching buttons

In addition to the button testing, the other significant test I ran was with the header on our site…

Header Testing

The header on your website is a pretty big deal when it comes to conversions.  Most people royally mess this up and use a BIG header that takes up a lot of space.  From my experience, small headers usually do MUCH better conversion wise.

In this conversion test, I made our header a little more professional looking – and also added in the stock photo cartoons.  The use of cartoons is little trick that works really well for conversions.  Everyone loves cartoons, so putting cartoons on your site can be an easy way to instantly create trust with your visitors…

Here’s the split test…

As you can see, I got a 27% increase in conversions with this header change.

If you’re looking for something to test with your header, I would try the following…

  • smaller header
  • cartoons
  • good, clean logo
  • light in color like grey or light blue…

Overall these little conversion increases helped add about $93,000 to my pocket that I wouldn’t have had if we didn’t split test.

– Justin

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